Reporting Policy

Mizuno keeps the transparency on information regarding Mizuno group’s environment and social impact, and explain Mizuno group’s CSR activities to stakeholders through CSR Report.

Reporting Scope of Organization

IIn principle, Mizuno Group (Mizuno Headquarter and domestic/overseas group companies) is our target.
But as the target organization is different according to data and description of entry contents, the report target organization is indicated by below marks on each part of report.

Report target organization


Mizuno Group (Domestic / Overseas)


Mizuno Group (Domestic)


Mizuno Group, Domestic (Excluding Senoh Group)


Mizuno Corporation (Non-consolidated)


Others:Described individually

Reporting Period

Around those activities during 2016/4/1-2017/3/31, included some approaches from previous and most recent activities reports.

Significant Change occurred during Report Period

We didn’t have any change on important agreements operationally in fiscal year of 2016.

Issuing Period

July 2017(Next:July 2018, previous: July 2016)

Referred Guild Line

GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) 「GRI standard」
Ministry of Environment 「Environment Report Guild Line 2012 edition」

External Assurance

As of June 2017, Mizuno doesn’t get external assurance on the contents of CSR Report, will consider from now on.


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