Manufacturing of MIZUNO

"Go on and create a-mon (the best products for consumer)" was a favorite phrase of Mizuno founder Rihachi Mizuno. Even today, these words have been passed down through successive generations as the underlying concept behind manufacturing at Mizuno, and can be thought of as the foundation for Mizuno's development to date.
Looking ahead, Mizuno will continue to embrace the spirit of "creating a-mon,"
and contribute to society by producing high-quality products and increasingly broadening the world of sports.
The spirit of "Go on and create a-mon" is our invaluable discipline, the backbone, the DNA of Mizuno.


    The balance between cushioning and stability is always the core element os the shoe. Mizuno Wave's unique technology delivers the perfect balance, creating an extraordinary sporting experience.

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  • Breath Thermo

    Mizuno's Breath Thermo technology provides a heat-generating fabric with a new thermal insulation mechanism that absorbs body moisture and uses it to generate heat. It even helps deodorizing.

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  • Baseball Craftsmanship

    The wood that serves as the material is never the same for any two bats. Our craftsmen select the wood that meets the demand of each professional player. It's the same philosophy behind out crafted gloves - each glove is different, depending on the user and their position.

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  • Golf Craftsmanship

    With over 70 years of expertise, Mizuno produces the finest forgings, with the tightest, most uniform grain structure available, for an unparalleled feel.

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