Mizuno Hexathlon
Helps Improve Athletic Performance of Vietnamese Children

We believe that it is important for children to become familiar with physical exercise from an early age in order to improve their physical strength and motor skills.

In Vietnam, which is experiencing rapid economic growth, the obesity rate among children exceeds 40% due to changes in dietary habits caused by the improvement in living standards, and there are concerns about future health. In addition, the amount of time spent on physical education during the compulsory education period is much less than in developed countries, and the exercise programs are monotonous and do not sufficiently take into account the elements of learning the basic movements of sports.

In 2015, we began proposing "Mizuno Hexathlon," an exercise play program for children that allows children to learn the basic movements necessary for motor development (running, jumping, and throwing) while having fun, to the public education system of the country, and it was adopted as Vietnam Primary School Education Curriculum. We are working to spread the "joy of exercise and physical activity" to all 7.2 million elementary school students.

Already, 320,000 children (as of March 2021) have experienced this program, bringing smiles and joy to elementary schools in Vietnam.

We will continue our efforts to contribute to the improvement of physical fitness and motor skills of children around the world.