Ensuring peace of mind for everyone involved.
Supply chain that ensures human rights and health and safety

Since our founding in 1906, one of our most important values has always been fair play.

Our products are produced by people who support production in countries around the world. If there are any problems with the human rights or health and safety of these people, our manufacturing will not be possible. Since 2004, we have been continuously conducting CSR audits at our factories to confirm whether there are any problems with the labor conditions, including human rights and safety and health, and social considerations of the people at our partner factories in the manufacturing process.

If we find any serious problems that need to be improved, we will encourage our suppliers and factories to create a safe working environment for the people involved in Mizuno's manufacturing.

In the spirit of fair play, we will continue to work to maintain a working environment where all people can shine with smiles on their faces.