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Development of a plate spring for sports prostheses

We are working with Imasen Engineering Corporation (Gifu, Japan), a welfare equipment manufacturer, to develop a plate spring for sports prostheses. Plate springs for sports prostheses need to be fitted in various ways depending on the type and degree of disability and performance of the athlete who wears them.

By making full use of the carbon processing technology that we have cultivated over the years through the development of baseball and golf equipment, as well as our expertise in various other competitive sports, we are developing springs that enable para-athletes to achieve higher performance.

The developed plate springs are used by many top athletes, including Japan's top female para-athlete, Saki Takakuwa (NTT East, prosthetic leg T64 class 100m, 200m, and long jump).

By combining our unique technology with the power of our like-minded partners, we will support all people who love sports, and contribute to realizing the aspirations of those who want to go one step further.