Profile of the Mizuno Group

The Mizuno Group, comprising Mizuno Corporation, its 20 subsidiaries and four affiliated companies, is primarily engaged in the manufacturing and the selling sporting goods.

Financial Highlights (consolidated / FY2017)

Net Sales By Product Category 

Net Sales By Region

Net Sales

Operating Income

Net Income(Loss)

Number of Employees

Total Number of Employees

Number of Employees by Region

Number of Labor Union Members


Supply Chain Conditions

Mizuno works with a number of outside organizations in an effort to supply better sporting goods. Sports shoes, sportswear, golf clubs and other goods are manufactured at its own factories and commissioned factories, which are mainly located in China, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia. Mizuno implements CSR audits to assess the environment and labor practices at its commissioned factories and requests that they observe the Mizuno Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

Preventive Approaches and Actions for Principles of Prevention

Mizuno strives to minimize its environmental footprint from the planning and development stage to the manufacturing stage, and to reduce environmental burdens.

Participation in Outside Organizations and Initiatives

Participation in Outside Initiatives Relating to CSR or Sustainability

No initiatives.

Organizations and Domestic and Overseas Advisory Institutions within which Mizuno holds positions

①Governance organizations within which Mizuno holds positions
Association of Japan Sporting Goods Industries (JASPO) Vice Chairmen
Kansai Sporting Goods Industrial Association Vice President
Mizuno Sports Promotion Foundation President
Higashi Tax Payment Association Vice President


② Organizations operating projects or committees in which Mizuno participates
The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) CISO Committee(Committee on International Sports Organizations) Board Member


③Organizations to which Mizuno has made more monetary contributions than expected by ordinary membership status


④Organizations whose membership is regarded as strategic
Osaka Sporting Goods Wholesalers Association
Study Group for Information Systems on Sporting Goods
Japan Golf Goods Association

Records of Recognitions and Awards by Outsiders

Award Descriptions
One of the “500 Health and Productivity Companies” in FY2018 The system for selecting and authorizing companies working on excellent health management that the Japan Health Conference implements jointly with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
One of the “Sports Yell Companies” The system with which Japan Sports Agency authorizes companies taking aggressive action in the implementation of sports for the promotion of employees’ health.
One of the “Model Companies of Sports Promotion Companies in Tokyo” in FY2017 The system with which the Tokyo Metropolitan Government authorizes companies carrying out social contribution activities in the field of sports or encouraging employees to participate in sports activity.