Employment and human resource utilization

Mizuno places importance on the three Fs, namely Fair play, Friendship and Fighting spirit, in an effort to create an environment and climate where each employee has a fair attitude and high motivation, recognizes the differences of others, respects diversity and shares joy with colleagues. By encouraging challenges for innovation, Mizuno aims to achieve a corporate culture in which its people remain energetic and have a purpose in life.

Basic policy

On the assumption that the labor-related laws of different countries are observed, Mizuno includes “considerations for working conditions and the environment” in Article 9 of the Mizuno Ethical Standard in an effort to create an environment where people can work safely and energetically. Article 10 of the Mizuno Ethical Standard, “Respecting human rights,” prohibits all acts that may be considered to be discriminatory treatment and/or harassment. Mizuno also guarantees employees’ rights to join a labor organization and group negotiations, and secures equal opportunities in employment.
In accordance with the Human Resources Development Policy, Mizuno supports the personality improvement and skill development of every employee. We are working to improve employee expertise, respond to management issues, and foster a culture of independent learning. We are developing and using human resources who can expand Mizuno.

Highlight of annual performance in FY2019*

  • Ratio of female Regular employees [*c]

    28.0% (full-time)

  • Ratio of female Managerial employees [*c] 

    8.3% (managerial level)

  • Ratio of female new employees [*d]


  • Mizuno was certified as one of the White 500 Health and Productivity Companies in FY 2020 for the third consecutive year.

*The data are obtained from Regular employees of Mizuno’s main organization..