Mizuno understands that the conservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues shared by humankind, and thus we are committed to helping to create a sustainable society. To this end, Mizuno has worked for more than 20 years on commitments to facilitate the effective use of resources and reduce the environmental load, such as by cutting CO2 emissions and environmental pollutants. Mizuno has established the Mizuno Green Grade, its own criteria for the certification of eco-friendly products, in an effort to make all of its products eco-friendly. The company-wide promotion of eco-friendliness throughout the entire product lifecycle, from material procurement to production, transportation, sales, use, and finally disposal helps to conserve resources, preserve the environment, and reduce the environmental load.

Basic policy

Mizuno Environmental Policy

To promote realization of a “sustainable society,” Mizuno Corporation and Mizuno Group companies will actively contribute to the conservation of the global environment in all business activities and actions of all individuals under the slogan of “Presenting a sound and healthy sports scene to people and to mother earth,” based on a recognition that conservation of the global environment is one of the critical common challenges for all humankind.

  1. Prevention of environmental pollution
    1. We will reduce the impacts of chemicals on people, the environment and the ecosystem.
    2. We will endeavor to reduce and recycle waste.
  2. Sustainable use of resources
    1. We will endeavor to make effective use of limited resources.
  3. Mitigation of climate change
    1. We will endeavor to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Coexistence with society
    1. We will endeavor to develop and offer products and services that take the environment into consideration.
    2. We will broaden communications with local communities.
    3. We will endeavor to preserve biodiversity.

To ensure realization of the above policies, we will set specific environmental objectives and targets so that systematic efforts can be made to achieve the targets.

1 April, 2016
Akito Mizuno
Mizuno Corporation

Mizuno’s Long-Term Environmental Target

In response to the agreement on the international climate change framework for 2020 and beyond at COP21, Mizuno is promoting environmental conservation activity throughout the Mizuno Group, including overseas business bases, by setting the objective of a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions from the 2013 levels by 2030 as Mizuno’s Long-Term Environment Target.

Highlight of annual performance in FY2018

  • Reduction of CO2 emission in Mizuno Group comparing with FY2016 :


  • Percentage of sales of certified products of Mizuno Green Grade (Eco-friendly products) :


  • Zero emission of industrial waste :

    Achieved in all factories of Mizuno Technics Corporation.