Environmental Accounting Report

Environmental Conservation Cost

Regarding environmental conservation costs in FY 2018, the amount of the investment was 89.67 million yen, an increase of approximately 23 million yen from the previous year, and the amount of expenses was 127.13 million yen, a decrease of 6 million yen from the previous year.
In FY 2018, we invested in the expansion of LED lighting and the replacement of air conditioning facilities with an eco-friendly type. The main factors of the expenses were the cost of recycling waste, the cost of the research and development of eco-friendly products and the administration cost of the Environmental Management System (EMS).

Environmental Conservation Cost in FY2018[*b]

Unit: 10,000yen
Categories of environmental conservation costs Major activities FY2018 results
Amount of investments Amount of expenses
(1)Cost within our business area 7,986 4,774
(1)-1Cost for pollution prevention Checkup and inspection/analysis 0 543
(1)-2Cost for global environment conservatio Introduction of energy-saving equipment 7,986 1,121
(1)-3Cost for resources recycling Recycling of waste,use of recycled materials 0 3,110
(2)Upstream/downstream cost Recycling contract,green procurement 0 1,022
(3)Cost for management activities ISO14001 management,external communication,
environment-related PR and advertisement
0 4,085
(4)Research and development cost Research and development of
environmentally friendly products
981 2,677
(5)Cost for social activities Cleaning up of the offices' neighborhood,
contributions to Acorn Society,etc
 0 173
(6)Environmental damage cost 0 0
(7)Other cost relevant to environmental conservation 0 0
Total 8,967

Effects of Environmental Conservation Measures

Effects of Environmental Conservation Measures in FY2018[*b]

Reduction effects (quantitateve effects)
Environmental aspect Unit FY2017 result FY2018 result Reduction effect Year-on-year
Energy-saving,resources-saving Electricity 1,000kWh 10,675 10,361 314 97.1%
City gas 1,000m3 41 31 10 75.6%
Gasoline and light oil kl 840 814 26 96.9%
Kerosene kl 44 44 0 100.0%
heavy oil kl 100 100 0 100.0%
Clean water 3 48 46 1 97.5%
Amount of regular waste incineration t 43 44 -1 103.3%/td>
Amount of industrial waste t 454 441 13 97.1%


Reduction effect(financial effect)
Unit: 10,000yen
Environmental aspect FY2017 result FY2018 result Reduction effect Year-on-year
Amount of payments for electricity,gas,gasoline,light oil,kerosene and water 45,860 45,364 496 98.9%