Reduction of hazardous chemical substances

  • Materiality

Mizuno established the Chemical Substance Management Standard and a system to guarantee product safety in an effort to ensure that no hazardous chemical substances which adversely affect the human body and ecosystem are used in our products. Each business site investigates the danger or harm of chemical substances by the risk assessment of chemical substances, and promotes substitution with lower risk substances.
There was no serious incident of hazardous chemical substance leakage at Mizuno’s manufacturing factories in FY2018.

*On the “Product Responsibility” page, we also introduce the mechanism of hazardous chemical substance management to provide products of safe and appropriate quality at Mizuno. Please refer to this page as well.

Reduction of emissions from organic solvents (toluene)

Mizuno aims to use aqueous paint as a measure for reducing the emissions released into the atmosphere by organic solvents. Mizuno Technics Corporation has completely switched to aqueous paint for all of the wooden bats it manufactures. In an effort to reduce toluene emissions in the shoe manufacturing process, we will also begin using solvents that have less of an impact on workers’ health.

Amount of toluene emissions [*e]
Unit 2014 2015 2016 2017 20138/th>
Amount of toluene emissions kg 1,100 943  655  1,200 1,114
*The calculated values are based on the data for domestic manufacturing bases (excluding the Senoh Group).

Storage of PCB

The Law Concerning Special Measures against PCB Waste requires business proprietors storing PCB waste to notify the government each year of the status of the PCB waste they have stored.
Mizuno disposed of one capacitor containing PCB properly in FY2017, and reported it to the municipal government. As of FY2018, Mizuno has properly disposed of all used capacitors including PCB. Currently used capacitors will be disposed of properly and subsequently.

Future issues to be addressed

  • The use of materials free of hazardous chemical substances will be thoroughly put into practice from the product planning stage.
  • The ultimate goal is to switch to paint and adhesives that are free of organic solvents. If an immediate switch is not feasible, a switch will be made to less hazardous solvents.