Environmental Communication

Mizuno Group discloses and transmits information in its CSR report and on social media. We are also working on a variety of activities such as being an exhibitor at and co-sponsor of community events, providing factory tours, etc.

Disclosure of Environmental Information

Although Mizuno previously disclosed environmental information in its CSR reports and on its website, we stopped issuing booklets of the CSR reports in order to reduce the consumption of paper resources, so we only undertake disclosure on the website since FY2015. On the website, our CSR report is provided in three languages: Chinese, English and Japanese. The information on the website can be downloaded as a PDF.

Transmitting “Mizuno Green Grade” on the Mizuno Online Shop

With the aim of making all its products eco-friendly, in 2010 Mizuno established the “Mizuno Green Grade”, its own criteria for the certification of eco-friendly products. Mizuno strives to reduce the level of the impact on the environment through its products. “Mizuno Green Grade” is a system for assessing products that takes the entire product lifecycle into consideration, from material procurement to disposal. Products are certified with a gold medal, silver medal or bronze medal based on the number of points awarded during the assessment. To obtain the “Mizuno Green Grade”, products must achieve a specified score at each stage. We promote the result of certification with “Mizuno Green Grade” as one of the functions of the product to customers by indicating it on the page of “Mizuno Shop,” Mizuno’s official online shop.

Exhibiting in ATC Green Eco Plaza

We opened a permanent exhibition booth at OSAKA ATC Green Eco Plaza in the Asia and Pacific Trade Center (ATC) near Mizuno’s head office. Aiming to contribute to the Establishment of a Recycling-based Society, OSAKA ATC Green Eco Plaza is a permanent exhibition space introducing updated information about the environment business, and it is used as a place for businesspeople to interact, and for anyone from schoolchildren to college students to learn about the environment. As a case study, we introduce eco-friendly products of Mizuno and environmental consideration in the factory in our permanent exhibition booth.

OSAKA ATC Green Eco Plaza

Factory Tour

We provided 62 factory tours (approximately 1,200 participants) in five factories, such as Yoro Factory, Haga Factory, Runbird Factory, Hikami Factory and Senohtech Factory., and showed our expertise in manufacturing and the status of “3S (methodology),” Seiri, Seiton and Seiso, or Sort, Set in order and Shine.

Risk communication

Mizuno Technics carries out risk communication as a regular dialogue with stakeholders.
This explains our operation, such as what kind of equipment and facilities are used, what kind of products and waste are produced and what kind of environmental protection activities are conducted after the local government and residents observe the inside of the factory.
We will actively disclose information to local representatives and incorporate their opinions and requests into our activities. In FY 2018, at the Hikami Factory, we invited representatives from City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the community association from the area where the factory is located to communicate risks and exchange opinions.

World Environment Day

Mizuno sets the month of June as Mizuno Environment Month in conjunction with World Environment Day on June 5, and we are undertaking clean-up activities at our business bases in Japan and overseas.
In 2018, 23 domestic and 16 overseas business locations implemented cleanup activities around the buildings in which they are located. In addition, we are striving to achieve efficient cleanup activity not only through Mizuno Environment Month, but also through cooperation with the community in cleanup activity promoted by the municipality.

Environmental Workshop

We conduct the Environmental Workshop to foster the environmental awareness of children through Mizuno’s environmental conservation activities and manufacturing philosophy. During this workshop, we provide information on the environmental activity of Mizuno’s factory and information on a brief history of sporting goods. The children then make an original design key holder by using the residual woods and leather remaining after the production of wooden baseball bats and baseball gloves. We conducted this workshop five times in Japan and 304 people participated.

Environmental awards

Mizuno's Tokyo Head Office received the “Excellent award for Large-scale building wastes management responsibility persons for business in FY 2018” from Chiyoda Ward, where the office is located.
This award commends buildings that actively work toward reducing business waste and promoting recycling, that is, contribute to the resources recycling city that Chiyoda Ward aims to be.
The promotion system for environmental conservation activities at Mizuno Tokyo Head Office and reduction of waste through the introduction of a garbage processor in the cafeteria were introduced as best practices.