Environmental Management System

Promotion Organization

Mizuno has established the environmental management system with the President (CEO) at the top to promote environmental conservation activity throughout the Mizuno Group. As an organization for promoting the environmental management system, the CREW21 committee consists mainly of responsible persons from related divisions, such as the environmental manager who also acts as the Senior Managing Director, which discusses the formulation and amendment of environmental policy, setting short/medium/long-term environmental targets, specific measures for achieving the targets, etc. Meetings of the CREW21 committee are held periodically to promote environment conservation activity with company-wide communication.
We have also launched the eco-friendly products development project to promote manufacturing with a low impact throughout our supply chain and to plan and develop eco-friendly products, cooperating with the CREW21 committee.

Organization for promoting the Environmental Management System

Role of main organization

-CSR Promotion Committee (quoted from the CSR Promotion System)

In order to integrate the Mizuno Group’s response to social responsibility related to the economy, the environment and society with its business strategy, we have established the CSR Promotion Committee, which is chaired by the Representative Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer. It consists of the Executive Officer in charge of product development and the General Manager of the Legal Affairs Department in charge of CSR, the General Manager of Human Resources, the head of the Quality Assurance Department, and a wide range of other members who are closely related to CSR issues. The CSR Promotion Committee discusses Mizuno's CSR strategy, formulates concrete actions for issues and sets goals. Critical issues are submitted to the Board of Directors and are disseminated to all divisions and group companies after a resolution by the Board of Directors. In addition, it is positioned as a high-level committee where critical issues discussed by the CSR Procurement Committee and the Crew21 Committee are reported and deliberated.

-Crew21 Committee* (quoted from CSR promotion system)

The Crew21 Committee consists of the heads of major departments, such as executive officers, research and development, product development, production, logistics, retail, quality assurance, human resources and general affairs, as well as the representative director and senior executive officer responsible for environmental issues. This committee formulates and revises the environmental policy, sets short-term, medium-term, and long-term environmental targets, and discusses concrete measures to achieve them.
* Crew21 stands for Conservation of Resources and Environmental Wave21

-Eco Product Development Project

The Eco Product Development Project is a subordinate organization of the Crew21 Committee with the aim of developing products that achieve a sustainable society. It consists of managers in each product development department who set development policies and goals, and discuss concrete measures to achieve them.

History of Mizuno Global Environmental Conservation project

Mizuno recognized that all corporate activities affect the environment, and in September 1991, the Global Environmental Protection Activities Crew21 Project was launched with the aim of contributing to the preservation of the global environment.
Mizuno has been undertaking activities to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and conserve the global environment for 25 years since then. Crew21 stands for Conservation of Resources and Environmental Wave21. It represents our resolution to dedicate ourselves to the conservation of natural resources and the environment as a member of the “crew” of the Spacecraft Earth.

Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification

Mizuno acquired ISO 14001 certification for the environmental management system in the Mizuno Yoro Factory (now Mizuno Technics Corporation) as the first case example in the sporting industry in Japan, Shanghai Mizuno Corporation Ltd., which is the largest overseas manufacturing site, in 2004 and Mizuno (Taiwan) Corporation in 2008. In addition, Senoh Corporation and Senohtech Corporation, which joined in our group in 2012, also acquired ISO 14001certification in 2015.

ISO14001 certification Offices

Domestic Abroad







Environmental Audit

Mizuno Group implements examination by certification body and internal audits once a year. In FY2018, there were no critical non-conformities and there were some minor non-conformities that had been already corrected, and we were certified by the certification body to transfer to the ISO 14001:2015 version.

Number of non-conformities by internal audits Number of non-conformities by certification body
Critical non-conformity 7 0
Minor non-conformity 24 5
Opportunity for correction 9 3

*Opportunity for correction means “advice for improvement to make it better,” and we will respond to it after reviewing its contents.

Number of non-conformities in environmental audits

Compliance with Environmental Legal Restraints

Mizuno specifies environmental risks assumed from the business lineup by using the environmental management system efficiently for compliance with environmental legal restraints. With respect to the specified risks, we conduct periodical maintenance inspections of facilities and equipment, and train employees for emergencies, to minimize risks and prevent accidents. Besides, there was no critical non-conformity with environmental legal restraints and accidents in FY2018.

Environmental Education

In the Mizuno Group, we provide environmental education to all employees to improve environmental consciousness. For instance, employees can learn about annual topics and Mizuno’s philosophy for environmental conservation activities through education in each department. In addition, each site holds special education to improve the knowledge and skills needed in the job for waste managers and users of organic solvents.