Efficient use of water

Water resources are indispensable for our business activities. They also sustain the livelihood of local communities, support food production, and help maintain biodiversity. The processes for making raw material for sports goods and those for manufacturing sports goods have a significant impact on water. Mizuno continues on with its commitment to reducing the amount of water it uses, such as by adopting the DryDye technology.
At production bases, we are paying greater attention to sewage and general river discharge, reviewing the system for managing septic tanks and compliance with water quality standards. We are also working on recycling water resources.

Water intake by water sources [*b] *1

Unit 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Tap water 1000m3 35.3 40.0



Well water 1000m3 9.5 7.9



Total water intake 1000m3 44.8 47.9





Amount of water discharged [*b] *1

Unit 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Total water discharge 1000m3 44.8 47.9



* Including Senoh Group since FY2015


Adoption of DryDye* for reducing the amount of water used

Mizuno became an official sponsor of the Osaka Marathon and we deliver T-shirts employing DryDye technology, which is characterized by completely waterless dyeing, and these shirts were given to all the marathon participants from FY2014.
It normally takes about 25 litters of water to dye a single T-shirt. The recent adoption of DryDye for the official Osaka Marathon T-shirts facilitated T-shirt production without using approximately four million liters of water in five competitions from FY2014 until FY2018.
*A dyeing method which uses supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) instead of water.

Future issues to be addressed

  • Mizuno will work to monitor the amount of water used in our business and the effect our activities have on water resources.
  • We will make efforts to ascertain the water risk in manufacturers’ areas and countries.