Fairness in business practices

Mizuno understands that it is crucial for it to carry out its business activities of manufacturing and selling sporting goods through fair and honest competition in the global pursuit of compliance with laws, ordinances, social norms, ethics and internal rules. This may be likened to the fact that fair play based on the observance of rules is fundamental to sports. We will strive to protect our own intellectual properties while respecting those of others, and to create a corporate culture that does not condone unfair acts.

Basic policy

Following the Mizuno Corporation Ethical Standards, the entire Mizuno Group both encourages and requires strict compliance under the supervision of the CSR Committee and the Risk Management Committee.
In addition, the Mizuno Corporation Ethical Standards contain the two following statements: “1) Implementing thorough measures for protecting intellectual property created by the company. 2) Respecting all third party intellectual property and not infringing on the intellectual property rights of others.” We proactively acquire and utilize intellectual property rights such as patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks, both in Japan and other countries around the world.

Highlight of annual performance in FY2018

  • Number of Mizuno or MSS employees who work for designated management facilities and have portable cards in 2018 to improve awareness of the whistle-blowing system.

    Approximately 2,000 people

  • Number of employees who had information security education to prevent leakage of personal and confidential information.

    2,161 people