Protecting personal information

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Mizuno has positioned our information security policy (security policy) as an important management issue. We have established a basic policy and measures for information security in general, and are continuously managing and operating them.
In particular, we strongly acknowledge the importance of protecting personal information. In order to ensure strict management and prevent leakage of personal information outside the company, we have established rules for the protection of personal information. The Board of Directors in charge of Human Resources & General Affairs is responsible for this matter, and we take appropriate measures, including education and training for staff who handle personal information, implementation of safety measures, and inventory of personal information to ensure proper management.
When gathering personal information, the purpose and procedure for collecting it must be clarified, and prior approval must be obtained inside the company. How to take custody and dispose of personal information is strictly regulated. We also undertake regular audits of whether operation is in accordance with the regulations. Along with this, we provide training on the handling of personal information to all employees.
In response to the enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Group identified the handling of personal information in Europe and the status of transfers outside Europe, and made necessary preparations for the establishment and updating of related formats, internal guidelines, and administrator manuals.
As we manage a large amount of personal information during sporting events and through the operation of sporting facilities, we are striving to establish a system that does not lead to major accidents. In FY2019, there were no violations of customer privacy or loss of customer data from our group.

Future issues to be addressed

Amid growing worldwide interest and regulations concerning the use of personal information and other information assets, MIZUNO Group is working to improve its information strategy in group management to better respond to changes and to rebuild more appropriate information usage. Specific initiatives are as follows.

  • Strengthening of GDPR compliance and mechanisms in Europe.
  • Deploying these measures in other regions.