Promotion of Sports

Our living environment is changing dramatically. The advancement of the information society and the automation of a variety of tasks have improved accessibility and the change in working patterns has made life more convenient and comfortable. However, there is concern that these changes in the living environment will lead to issues that have a major impact on the development of society, such as a lack of exercise, an increase in stress, and a decrease in interpersonal exchanges.
In addition to facilitating the maintenance of physical and mental health, sports are a powerful means for generating communication that transcends national borders and generation gaps, helping to unlock the potential of people and communities.
Based on its Corporate Philosophy, “Contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports,” Mizuno offers more people access to sports activities through its efforts to promote sports. It helps enrich society and make it sustainable, creating an environment in which individual can shine.

Basic policy

Mizuno’s Corporate Philosophy “Contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports” not only means providing good quality sports products, but also delivering the joy of sports to as many people as possible and helping them experience the spirit of sports, namely “fair play, friendship, and fighting spirit,” as well as providing a solution to maximize the potential of sports with regard to social issues in cooperation with related organizations. This also helps to enrich and create a sustainable society in which each individual can shine.

Basing on the above thinking, as important issues, Mizuno is tackling the following three challenges for the promotion of sports:
1) Improve the athletic ability and physical strength of children who are the next generation.
2) Extend healthy life through sports activities.
3) Improve access to sports activities and support local sports activities.
Mizuno is also focusing strongly on its global activities for the promotion of sports that suit various countries and regions.

FY2019 Performance Highlights

  • Introduction of Hexathlon/number of schools/total number of participants

    6 schools/120 times/approx. 4,000 participants

  • Number of contracted sports facilities/number of facilities*

    173 properties/1,061 facilities

  • Number of employees volunteering for sports promotion

    314 employees

* As of April 2020