Extension of healthy life expectancy through sports

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Japan is as a typical examples, aging population is advancing in the world, and it is predicted that the period of poor health will be extended along with the average life span (Ministry of Health & Welfare’s white paper). Not only extending the average life expectancy, but also extending the healthy life expectancy (the period during which people can live without any restrictions on their everyday life because of health problems) is important for maintaining the quality of each person’s life, and for reducing the social burden such as the cost of medical care.

Mizuno has developed and provides a program for effectively improving physical strength in a safe, fun manner.

Mizuno is developing an exercise program for expanding the healthy life expectancy of active elderly people using technology and knowhow from the training. The development concept is that everyone can do, have fun, and continue the program, and its contents can incrementally strengthen self-confidence in exercise. We operate this class by packaging learning, practice and continuity as a total program.
We also provide the program in a safe and fun way using function and sensing tools from Mizuno.

Cooperation with the municipality on the extension of healthy life expectancy.

Each local municipality in Japan is creating an opportunity for people who think it is hard to go to a sports facility to exercise by working proactively on the Preventive Long-term Care Project and so on. They encourage participants to continue to exercise by incorporating methods such as group work and to create communities at public facilities operating in accordance with the Designated Manager System.
Mizuno Sports Service Co., Ltd. launched the operation of exercise and culture programs in the Matsubara Terrace – KAGAYAKI- public facility in Matsubara, Osaka prefecture in January 2017. Matsubara Terrace – KAGAYAKI- is a facility that was established in Matsubara to encourage social interaction between citizens of several generations and create a community with a sense of solidarity.In 2018, 2,558 people were registered at this facility. We expect that this facility will be a hub of interaction between citizens and lifelong learning, and that it will make a contribution to the citizens of Matsubara to enable them to achieve good health, learning and interaction by promoting a program for raising cooperative and independent children and a health enhancement program for elderly people.

Other example: Matsubara City, Osaka Prefecture

We implemented a program using the wireless impulse monitor "Mikuha" in exercise classrooms for people who participated in La La La Circuit program and Specific Health Guidance support program at the Matsubara Terrace in Matsubara City, Osaka Prefecture.
"Mikuha" is a tool which can monitor heart rate in real time so that participant can manage safety and can monitor effectiveness of medium intensity exercise. In addition there is the characteristic that guidance is easy to give because main staff and support staff also can confirm heart rate of participant as needed. It was highly regarded by participants in the class because by visualizing they could know if the exercise intensity was too hard or not enough. Mizuno will carry on supporting to operate exercise class ensuring safety of participants with effective exercise intension by using it in deploying group exercise other than "Matsubara Terrace".

Actual number of programs regarding of healthy life expectancy in FY2018

Walking Class
(outline) It is a class on walking, which is exercise that can easily be done alone.
Even elderly people who are not good at exercise such as the correct posture, walking, rehabilitation exercises and toe stretches can participate.
(performance) 47 sessions with 3,996 participants
La La La Fit
(outline) This is a health program for those over 60 years of age, based on the concept of “being able,” “having fun” and “continuing” by using Mizuno’s original tools. It specializes in the bones and joints, aiming to strengthen the waist, knees, walking and balance.
(performance) Held in 24 facilities with 16,460 participants
La La La Circuit
(outline) This program involves circuit training combined with anaerobic exercise using hydraulic training equipment that is gentle on the joints, as well as rhythmic aerobic exercises. The aerobic part uses Mizuno’s original exercise tool.
(performance) 2 sessions with 6,124 participants


Training wellness staff and creating a health promotion community near you.

Mr. OKUBO, Keima
Community General Support Section
Habikino City Government 

Although I am a municipal employee, I completed the instruction training course on theory and practice and OJT for Mizuno's exercise program. I am operating Habikino Wellness as a follow-up program in the city and giving lesson as a trainer three times a week.
I wanted to work for the city, where I was born and raised, and became a municipality employee two years ago. Now, I find my job rewarding by directly engaging in the promotion of health for citizens.
Currently, there are a limited number of participants, and the day and time are specified for the program on health and care prevention in the city. At Habikino Wellness, the city is creating an environment where you can attend three times a month free of charge, allowing many people to participate and continue to exercise. It is scheduled to increase in areas in Habikino City where people will be able to participate in the health promotion program in the future.

Walking Class
La La La Circuit

Other activity: 100-Year Body Project

Senoh Corporation, manufacturer and seller of sports machines and equipment, has launched the100-Year Body Project and made a proposal for a program and products that can enable a body to walk for 100 years. It consists of the characteristic product, Trunk Solution, which supports independent walking by adjusting posture, and the monitoring system, Q's Tag Walk, which displays a radar chart showing the balance, speed and rhythm of walking.
As a new service, Senoh proposes visualization and safety management by using Mikuha, the wireless pulse monitor, which can be used in sports and non-sports fields.

Future issues to be addressed

  • Develop better exercise programs applying expertise in sports for healthy elderly people who are independent. Develop exercises and train instructors to ward off dementia and so on for elderly people.
  • Not only develop an exercise program, but also train staff with the ability to understand the characteristics of the elderly, and expand nationwide.
  • Develop a pleasant and effective program for people who are not currently participating in sports. Particularly for the generations in their most productive years, make “exercise while doing other things at the same time” part of the program and promote measures against a lack of exercise.
  • We will propose the development of exercise for health promotion and preventionary care, which makes many participants feel free, and easily incorporate it into daily life by promoting the Exercise Instructor License and Exercise Program License, which make it possible to operate classes for residents.