Message from the President

Create new businesses with a focus on solving social challenges and enhance both brand value and overall corporate status by contributing to sustainability, including SDGs

I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to those who have passed away due to COVID-19. In addition, I would like to express my deepest respect and gratitude to the healthcare professionals who are still treating infected people around the world and those who are committed to preventing the spread of infection. We are dedicated to fulfilling our corporate responsibility to resume peaceful lives as soon as possible for the world to recover from COVID-19.

The Mizuno Group will celebrate its 115th anniversary in 2021. Based on our corporate philosophy of “contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports,” we have been providing quality sporting goods and promoting sports for over 100 years, aiming to deliver the joy and happiness that sports can bring to people. We believe that the starting point of our growth to date has been the pursuit of quality through the spirit of “Go on and create a-mon (the best product for consumers)” from our founder, Rihachi Mizuno, and contributions to the promotion of sports based on the spirit of “Rieki no Ri yori Dori no Ri,” which suggests that it is vital to make profits without breaching moral principles.

Mizuno is taking on the challenge of developing new business domains by leveraging its development capabilities to create the functions and materials it has cultivated in the field of sports and its technological capabilities to achieve high-quality manufacturing. Based on the Mizuno Group brand slogan “REACH BEYOND,” the entire company is committed to taking on the challenge of always moving forward.

Recognizing the impact of our corporate activities on the global environment, we have been working on the Crew21 Project since 1991. In 2015, we assessed the impacts on society, the environment, and the economy. Based on the result we identified priority issues (materiality), and have been developing practical CSR activities.
In 2020, we formulated the Action Principles for SDGs and presented a value creation story toward 2030. By leveraging our strengths in business development, we will create the new businesses with a focus on resolving social challenges. By contributing to sustainability, including SDGs, we will enhance both our brand value and overall corporate status.

In Japan, the number of young people playing sports is expected to decrease due to the declining birthrate and aging of the population. In this context, we believe it is important to quickly grasp the needs of our customers by providing amusement through sports to seniors and people who are not involved in sports, and to create products that achieve unique functions, durability and quality. In addition, we are focusing on a variety of settings, including daily necessities and products for the work, as well as competitive sporting goods. Making the most of our strengths in the field of sports, we will contribute to the resolution of social challenges and the sound development of local communities, including the improvement of physical and mental health and the development of diverse local communication.

It is difficult to foresee long-term changes in society and there is a possibility that the sense of values and ways of thinking may change dramatically. We believe that companies need to adapt flexibly with the changing times. With the supplying of sporting goods as our trunk, we will continue to expand the branches and leaves, including the dissemination of exercise programs such as the Mizuno Hexaslon, which is well-known to Vietnamese elementary school students, and the operation of sports facilities, realizing sustainability in our strong field.

Akito Mizuno
Mizuno Corporation