Agreement to conclude a memorandum of understanding on cooperation concerning introduction and establishment of “Hexathlon” in Vietnam's primary compulsory education

Mizuno had agreed with Ministry of Education and Training, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (hereinafter referred to as “Vietnam”) to conclude a memorandum of cooperation concerning the introduction and establishment of "Hexathlon" * 1 for children, developed by Mizuno, on New learning guidelines of primary compulsory education.

A ceremony aimed at concluding a cooperation memorandum was held at Ministry of Education and Training ,Vietnam (Hanoi) on September 17, and agreed by Madame Nguyễn Thị Nghĩa, Deputy Minister , Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam and Mr. Akito Mizuno, President of Mizuno Corporation, Japan.

In September 2018, it will be gradually introduced to the elementary school in Vietnam * 2 for the enforcement of new learning guidelines commencing from September 2019.
Mizuno will provide all elementary school students in Vietnam with "enjoyment and joy of exercising" and will contribute to the development of sports as well as improving physical education lessons in primary education in Vietnam.

(Comment from Mr. Akito Mizuno, President of Mizuno Corporation)
“Since our company’s founding in 1906, Mizuno has been working on developing products and services that utilize the value of sports and making people around the world bright by the power of sports.
By introducing Mizuno “Hexathlon” this time, we would like to help all children of Vietnam grow healthy both mentally and physically. More Vietnamese children would feel joyful in moving the body and I sincerely hope that their heartfelt smiles would appear.
We were able to welcome today by obtaining great understanding of all people who supported, including Ministry of Education and Training Department, Vietnam , Japanese Government and others. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all people concerned once again.”
*It is extracted partially from ceremonial speech.

*1Mizuno “Hexathlon”
Mizuno “Hexathlon” , is a program that combines an athletic ability test with playful activities in which even children with poor athletic ability can have fun learning the basic sports actions such as running, jumping, throwing.
At first, performing exercise capacity measurement, confirming the level of exercise capacity and good motions / weak motions.
After that, by using Mizuno original tools, practicing exercise menu that progresses step by step from mastering the basic motions to various sports movements, repeating the flow of measuring exercise performance again and checking the growth from the previous time.

*2 There are about 15,000 public elementary schools