Creation of new values by unifying knowledge Startup Cco-creation


April 18, 2023
We held a co-creation event with Scrum Ventures.
April 18, 2023
We opened the Mizuno Startup Co-creation page.

The Startup Co-creation vision is a way to change the world with sports technologies.

Mizuno Startup Co-creation

“Mizuno Startup Co-creation” is aiming to solve issues which coaches and athletes face on the site of sports from the level of junior to professional so that we can accomplish the vision of “making people happy with sports.”
We are looking for partners who can especially realize technologies of “performance quantification,” “nutrition management” and “injury prevention” to improve athlete’s’ performance and prevent their injuries as well as technologies of “game analysis,” “communication promotion” and “coach matching” to reduce the burden on coaches and support their coaching.
In addition, we are also trying to recruit partners who can offer services and technologies for space sensing and to create new sites such as VR, AR and XR ,and those who can develop services and technologies to carry out real and virtual exercise programs in order to provide new value to customers by proceeding with innovation using Web 3.

Asset to offer

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Introduction of activities

Introduction of Mizuno Co-creation Business 01

Cooperation with “Blast Motion,” a startup company in the US

Recently in baseball, it is becoming common to analyze movements and develop players using scientific approaches based on data.
In April 2021, Mizuno announced cooperation with “Blast Motion,” a startup company in the US and started selling “Blast Baseball” in Japan, which enables analysis of baseball swings.

Introduction of Mizuno Co-creation Business 02

Cooperation with “Ginco,” a startup company in Japan

In cooperation with Ginco, a company which supports Web3 business of companies using blockchain technology, we started selling 19 items in 3 categories including a shoes NFT that can be exchanged for real shoes as the “Mizuno NFT collection” with a theme of “connecting sports, athletes, artists and gears, getting a wide variety of people interested with a new approach to sports, having athletes and sports gears recorded without fading away and keeping them cherished by people around the world.”

Introduction of Mizuno Co-creation Business 03

Co-creation with “Grace imaging,” the first startup company of Keio University School of Medicine

“Grace imaging, Inc.” developed a device measuring lactic acid which used to require blood collection, but they made it possible just by using sweat. In cooperation with them, we launched “LacttoRUN30”, a service to measure lactate threshold (LT) for runners.
Lactic acid is a substance produced in the body after hard exercise.
This service proposes not only a pace for marathon and training regimens but also the best shoes by measuring LT, which is the maximum possible speed without producing lactic acid.

Introduction of Mizuno Co-creation Business 04

Cooperation with “Reif Co., Ltd.,” a venture company in Japan

If you use the “AM Unit,” a measuring instrument developed by Reif Co., Ltd., you can easily measure walking speed, width of walk and tracks of walk which consist walking ability just by walking 5 meters (*).
Mizuno took it further by estimating “characteristics of walk” and “function and body parts necessary for walk” with “walk type measuring system” uniquely developed by Mizuno and offering products and exercise programs to maintain and support walking ability. We offer these services as “Motion DNA.”
*Need 5 meters to measure. It takes about 7-8 meters of walking in total including an approach and finishing steps to stabilize the walking.

Introduction of Mizuno Co-creation Business 05

Cooperation with “RUN. EDGE,” a startup company in Japan

We are cooperating with a company called RUN. EDGE, which develops and offers services of image search and analysis for a field of sports to support the frontline with cutting edge technologies.
We are aiming to spread the culture and value where anyone can easily analyze images and effectively enhance the team strategies and physicality of each player by combining image technologies that RUN. EDGE owns, and the network which Mizuno has in the sports world.