Social Media Policy

Mizuno Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) describes attitude of the Company to and a point of views on using social media through this Social Media Policy (hereinafter the “Policy”). Under the Policy, the Company will make efforts to the proper use of the social media.

Social Media Covered by the Policy

Social media covered by the Policy refers to the Internet services, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LINE, and blogs, through which the wide range of the public can disseminate information and mutually communicate information.

Official social media of the Company refers to as any media that disseminate information of the Company’s business as part of the business activities.

Awareness and Attitudes of the Company to the Use of Social Media

In order to disseminate information on the Company and to communicate with more customers through, the Company participates in social media for the following three main purposes:

  1. To make more customers aware of Mizuno's business activities, such as its products, events, services, and operating facilities, etc.;
  2. To listen to any comments and opinions to improve services and to understand customers’ needs; and
  3. To raise brand value by improving customer satisfaction and building trustworthy relationships

Basic Attitudes in Communication

  1. The Company complies with various laws and regulations, and acts with good sense in accordance with the various rules established by the Company.
  2. The Company listens to what the users say, understands that communication by an individual could lead to evaluation of the Company, and acts responsibly.
  3. The Company clarifies the purpose of communication and provides valuable information.
  4. The employees of the Company are fully aware of the potential impacts of speaking on social media and speak and respond in good faith.
  5. The Company is always aware that the information disseminated on the Internet can be accessed by an unspecified number of users, and that the information once disseminated cannot be completely deleted.
  6. The Company exercises care to infringement of copyrights and image rights, protection of privacy, etc., and is careful not to give any misunderstandings.
  7. The Company disseminates accurate information based on facts and clarifies the citation of the source of the information as much as possible.

Disclaimers and Operation Guidelines

  1. As a rule, official opinions of the Company on the Internet are disseminated only on the website operated by the Company. The accuracy and completeness of the contents may not always be guaranteed.
  2. Posts may be deleted if the information of the disseminated is inappropriate. In addition, if any false information is found, the Company will promptly correct it. The Policy will be continuously reviewed as necessary in response to changes in the social media environment.
  3. The Company is not responsible for any troubles, disputes or damages which occur between social media users or between social media users and third parties regarding the official social media.
  4. The employees of the Company are fully aware of the potential impacts of speaking on social media and speak and respond in good faith.
  5. If there is a post containing the following items on official social media, the post may be hidden or deleted, the account may be blocked, and other measures, which we deem necessary or appropriate, may be taken without notifying the poster:
    a) Anything that violates or conflicts with the laws and regulations, customs, and social norms of each country or region;
    b) Anything that falls under defamation, slander, infringement of rights, infringement of privacy, damage of credit, obstruction of business, etc. to individuals or organizations (including the Company);
    c) Anything that associates with discrimination of races, ethnicities, religions, gender, or any other discriminations;
    d) Anything that may cause misunderstanding or discomfort to viewers;
    e) Anything that is different from the fact; and
    f) Anything that could be construed as the above threats or interpreted as similar.

Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise stated, the copyrights or image rights and other intellectual property rights to the information (texts, images, videos, illustrations, etc.) which are disseminated on official social media, are owned by the Company. Usage (including duplication, modification, and distribution, etc.) of the information without prior permission is prohibited.

The copyrights of posts (texts, images, videos, illustrations, etc.) disseminated to official social media belong to the poster, however, the copyrighted works included in the posts can be freely available. In such cases, it is considered that users of the copyrighted works have agreed not to exercise the rights including copyrights, image rights, and other intellectual property rights to the Company. In such cases, the Company will use them properly in accordance with the Policy.

Privacy Policy

We will comply with the Company’s privacy policy