A Research & Development Vision to Change Society Through Sports


The MIZUNO MIRAI VISION is an expression.
Of Mizuno’s strengths and values, and the future we wish to create.
It guides the development of our products and services.
Mizuno considers all forms of enjoyable physical activity to be sports.
Bringing joy to people and society is our mission,
And defines Mizuno’s core values and core technologies.
We are pursuing our vision of a future where everyone enjoys being active,
In a variety of ways with partners sharing our vision.

The joy of movement and exercise.
Through our pursuit of creating value through sports, Mizuno will drive innovation in five fields.

01Competitive sports

Pushing People’s Limits Through Sports

Mizuno is committed to expanding the limitless potential people possess through the power of sports.
That passion forms the very essence of Mizuno.
From our beginning, we have supported top athletes tirelessly pushing the limits of what we consider possible, and people of all generations training daily to improve their personal records.
Mizuno is pursuing research to further uncover the psychological mechanisms that can improve concentration and help people get into “The Zone,” essential to achieving new athletic heights.


Improving the Health of the Mind and Body Through Sports

From reducing obesity and improving muscular strength, to enhancing the immune system, relieving stress and even boosting cognitive functions , research has clearly demonstrated the benefits of enjoyable physical activity.
Many modern lifestyle diseases are also induced through a lack of exercise.
Mizuno’s vision is to create a society in which sports become a treatment prescribed by doctors.
Through development of its proprietary exercise programs and other efforts, Mizuno is committed to extending the healthy life expectancy of people worldwide.


Improving the Environment Through Sports

In addition to researching materials, designs and manufacturing methods that reduce our environmental impact as a sports goods manufacturer, Mizuno considers sports itself a form of environmental conservation.
Switching from travelling by car to healthy alternatives such as cycling, running or walking is one initiative.
Mizuno is driving the developing of its products and services to support the achievement of this goal.
Mizuno is also focusing research on converting the mechanical energy generated by exercise into electricity.


Supporting Child Development Through Sports

Mizuno knows the power sports hold to foster healthy child development.
Engagement with sports goes beyond building a healthy body, it also encourages healthy psychological development as children build the skills of thinking for themselves, self-expression and helping each other.
Our vision is to share the joy of exercise with children from a young age and cultivate a growing population of sports-lovers,
Creating a world in which everyone can learn the invaluable life lessons sports have to offer.
Mizuno will leverage its technology to contribute to the psychological and physical growth and development of children.


Invigorating Working People Through Sports

Sports play a major role in stimulating the areas of the brain related to memory and creativity.
Mizuno believes that developing a work style that leverages the benefits brought by sports can bring improvements to efficiency and motivation.
Mizuno offers programs and products that enhance the skills essential for modern work, including teamwork and creativity, while also offering safety and peace of mind for working people everywhere based on our knowledge garnered from the world of competitive sports.

Mizuno’s Core Value and Core Technology

Enhancing the Mind, Body and Skills through Enjoyable Physical Activity

Core Value

The true value we at Mizuno can offer is enhanced mind, body and skills.
“Mind” means improving the psychological state.
Relieving pressure and stress, offering the joys of exhilaration and achievement, and improving concentration and motivation.
“Skills” is our commitment to supporting athlete’s top performance as they pursue going ever faster, higher and further.
“Body” expresses our commitment to improving people’s quality of life (QOL) by supporting them to achieve their desired physical state.

Technology that Considers Sports and People.

Core Technology

For over 100 years, Mizuno has devoted itself to sports, advancing research to harmonize the relationship between people and equipment.
We will continue to improve our measurement and evaluation technologies to clarify the mechanisms related to sports, focusing on people at the center.
This expertise has driven the development of our technology as we design products and services tailored to enhancing performance or preventing injury.
Mizuno will continue to lead in the development of outstanding products and services built upon its peerless understanding of people-centric mechanisms.