Long Term Management Policies

Long Term Management Policies

1. Re-establish and Invigorate Our Brand Towards a Bright Future.

By utilizing our long history of successful innovations, we will transition forward into becoming a market-leading brand. Collaborating with our vast group of respected stakeholders and worldwide employees, Mizuno will contribute to social, economic and environmental sustainability through the power and effect of sports.

2. Heighten, Strengthen and Enhance Mizuno's Brand Status Globally.

Building upon our strong corporate philosophy, Mizuno is capable of great worldwide growth. Growth that provides enhanced commercial and corporate value, as well as new opportunities to address social and environmental issues. It is through innovation, “Renkei” (Cooperation) and the focusing of our vast resources that we can target and combat these global issues.

3. Cultivate and Encourage a Corporate Culture to Be Proud of.

By emphasizing our values of "Fair-Play", "Friendship" and having a "Fighting Spirit", we aim to contribute to social, economic and environmental sustainability. We will continue to diversify ourselves and foster a corporate culture in which employees feel motivated and passionate to create market-leading innovations.