We aim to further generate innovations that utilize the power of sports to address societal challenges, striving for the growth and enhancement of the value of the Mizuno Group.

Since its establishment in 1906, the Mizuno Group has been driven by a corporate philosophy: “Contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports.” This remains our core principle, shaping Mizuno’s purpose for all stakeholders. Over the past three years, the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted people's lives, introducing numerous challenges. However, during this time, we have come to deeply re-appreciate the power of sports, reinforcing our conviction in our group's mission.

Global sports events are now regaining their pre-pandemic vibrancy. Particularly captivating the attention of people worldwide and fresh in our memories are the football world championship held from November to December 2022 and the baseball world championship in March 2023. The exemplary performance of the Japanese teams in these tournaments filled us with immense joy, excitement, and hope. Realizing that our products played a pivotal role behind the scenes in supporting these athletes' stellar performances brought me back to the very roots of our heritage, making these tournaments deeply meaningful for me.

In recent years, our group has developed products and services that tackle social challenges such as an aging society, climate change, among others. In 2022, we inaugurated the “MIZUNO ENGINE” Innovation Center, located next to our Osaka Head Office. It symbolizes collaboration, bringing together a diverse team to openly discuss and shape its foundational concepts. Here, our research extends beyond the competitive world of sports to encapsulate everyday physical engagements, anchored by data acquisition. With an agile approach, we aim to unveil products and services that can make a meaningful difference in society.

Our commitment to social, economic, and environmental sustainability is unwavering. Since 1991, our Crew 21 Project has dedicated efforts to global environmental conservation, envisioning ourselves as a crew member of Spaceship Earth. Over the decades, we have been proactive in our CSR efforts, aiming to mitigate the environmental and societal impacts of our operations. Today, sustainability challenges, from climate change to human rights, are becoming more pronounced. We recognize a shift in consumers’ purchasing consciousness, and in global investment decisions. Thus, we continue to strengthen our initiatives, whether through the development of eco-conscious products, optimizing resource utilization, or enhancing CSR-based partnerships. I firmly believe that sustainability initiatives, aligned with our core strategies, can elevate our brand's value and our corporate stature.

The international landscape is fluctuating unpredictably. With the advancement of digital technology, there are shifts in people's behaviors and values. As we look ahead, predicting long-term societal changes is complex. Businesses must now demonstrate agility and adaptability. For the Mizuno Group to grow, it is vital that every individual within our organization excels in their role. This will help maximize the value we offer to stakeholders and boost our profits. Central to our strategy is nurturing our workforce, fostering skills that drive our competitive edge, and enhancing employee engagement to ensure harmony between the company and our people.

Championing the value of sports remains our commitment, as we believe it fosters a peaceful and sustainable society. While we continue to strengthen our core offerings in sports goods, we are also expanding into products and services that cater to the evolving needs of society. We envision sustained growth and an elevated Mizuno brand recognition.

As we move forward, we humbly seek the continued support of all our stakeholders and extend our deepest gratitude for your trust in our endeavors.

Akito Mizuno
Mizuno Corporation