Mizuno Joined AFIRM – International Restricted Substances List Management Group

Mizuno joined AFIRM, the international RSL management group.
AFIRM:Apparel and Footwear International RSL Management Group (RSL=Restricted Substances List)

Based on it’s corporate philosophy “Contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports”, Mizuno group, including our supply chain, has made our best effort to secure safety and hygiene through its manufacturing process.

Mizuno group has controlled the restricted chemical substances with our own standard. With this opportunity to become a member of AFIRM, we will share the information and enhance collaboration with relevant industries, then increase the level of risk control of the restricted chemical substances in its supply chain, and the compliance.

AFIRM publishes and renews the list of the chemical substances which are restricted in the world main areas by the study of its several committees and chemical specialists every year. Also, works to increase the widespread control level by holding study session with relevant suppliers under AFIRM group companies in one of the production areas at the same time.

With the increase of demand for the environmental preservation and the product safety in the recent years, the restriction to the chemical substances remained in products has become more and more strict. Mizuno group continues to supply the products which consider environment and safety by joining this “international industrial standard”.

(Reference) AFIRM home page https://www.afirm-group.com/