Shanghai Mizuno participated in "RAKU SPO FESTA" Shanghai, China

Shanghai Mizuno participated in “Raku SPO FESTA” held in Shanghai, China on November 23, 2019 as a sponsor company.

"Raku SPO FESTA"" is sports games event focusing on Japanese companies, it was 4th this year, and 25 sports games including tennis, softball, table tennis and golf were held over there.

At the venue, there was also an experience event for exercise program called "Mizuno Hexathlon" for children, using Hexathlon equipment developed by Mizuno. Mainly about 100 Chinese children experienced “Mizuno Hexathlon”, and ""rocket challenge"" was particularly popular, everyone enjoyed exercise.

Furthermore, making baseball glove experience, Tennis / Badminton's rackets trial experience, and Golf clubs trial experience were implemented,Mizuno activities and services were able to be introduced to many customers.