Mizuno set to launch 2023 running shoes that balances carbon impact

August 1st, 2023 –Mizuno launches its new black color model of the Wave Neo Collection that balances carbon impact.

Touted as the most eco-friendly running shoes to-date, the Wave Neo collection has the lowest environmental impact in Mizuno's history. The Wave Neo collection features the Wave Neo Wind and the Wave Neo Ultra. These running shoes were manufactured using environmentally friendly materials such as recycled polyester and plant-derived materials to reduce CO2 emissions. The black color model also features Dope Dyed knit upper materials which uses less water, reducing environmental impact during production. Furthermore, the carbon impact during the product life cycle of the Wave Neo Collection, set to be sold worldwide (currently 20,000 pairs in production), will be balanced by CO2 absorbed through afforestation.

The shoes are highly functional and are designed for performance runners as well as performance minded marathon runners. The Wave Neo Wind is engineered for both beginners and advanced runners who are environmentally conscious and prefer a propulsive feel for their run. The shoes are equipped with Mizuno's core technology MIZUNO WAVE, which provides both cushioning and stability, as well as Mizuno's proprietary MIZUNO ENERZY, a highly resilient sole material.*1 In addition, the outsole features a G3 sole which is lightweight and has high grip. The MIZUNO WAVE Plate is made of Pebax® Rnew® , a plant-derived material made from castor oil.

The Wave Neo Ultra is engineered for beginner to intermediate level environmentally conscious runners, who prefer a softer running feel. These running shoes are also equipped with Mizuno's core function MIZUNO WAVE, a foam wave structure that provides a softer running sensation. The sole thickness at the heel is 39 mm, pursuing unprecedented cushioning properties. The midsole is equipped with a combination of three types of Mizuno's proprietary highly resilient sole material*1 MIZUNO ENERZY, and with the G3 sole which is lightweight and has high grip.

*1 Effects and feelings vary depending on product design and other factors. Resilience is a comparison of vertical compression.

Mizuno partnered with the U.S. National Forest Foundation, and planted approximately 50,000 trees in Boise National Forest, Idaho, U.S.A. Over their lifetime, the trees can absorb the amount of CO2 emitted during the product life cycle of these running shoes.

Mizuno’s interest in reducing its carbon footprint began 30 years ago in 1991 when the company launched the Crew21 Project, its environmental conservation initiative. Since its inception, Mizuno has been working to make effective use of resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and adopt environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes in their product planning. Today, the project has evolved into a general sustainability project that encompasses not only environmental conservation activities.

With its eco-friendly features and optimal design, the new black edition of the Wave Neo collection is hotly anticipated by runners around the globe. The collection is scheduled to launch on August 1st, 2023.

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