Making Waves: The Shoes That Don’t Sacrifice Performance While Protecting Our Environment.

Want to make history? Both the WAVE NEO WIND and WAVE NEO ULTRA were designed with our environment in mind and are the most environmentally friendly shoes Mizuno has produced to date! We have calculated the product life-cycle’s CO₂ emissions (from materials to product disposal). Not only are we using innovative materials to limit our impact on the environment, we are also offsetting our carbon footprint by planting two trees for every pair sold.

Eco Friendly

A Good Shoe Always Begins With Good Materials And Great Design.

We’ve started from scratch to ensure that the use of innovative materials seamlessly integrate into both high performance shoes. Over 60% of material for the WAVE NEO WIND and 70 % of the WAVE NEO ULTRA were sourced from eco friendly materials.※1

In addition to our choice of materials; we were also determined to minimize our use of water. By using an undyed upper knit material - we were able to reduce our use of water by 100% - in comparison to standard dyeing processes.※2

Innovative Material

Finding Inspiration From Nature.

We’ve used Bloom™, an algae-based material, for our midsole and sock liner; along with Pebax® Rnew® into parts of the midsole. The process of sourcing Bloom™ cleans water, lessens CO₂ emissions and most importantly is derived from a naturally occurring organic material. Pebax® Rnew® is made from caster Beans, and is a plant-based material.

Taking Action With Each Stride.

Now you are part of the solution! Remember how we mentioned that we calculated our carbon impact?
Well we’ve fastidiously done our homework. We’ve calculated the carbon impact of each pair sold, chosen the right materials to limit carbon emissions. And what else? We are planting two trees for each pair sold to offset our impact on the planet!


Balancing our carbon impact.

We’ve taken every step seriously. To verify our research we asked DNV to ensure that our numbers are verified.
You can view our DNV verification here.

And while you are at it, make sure you take a moment to read up on our report here.

We Care for our Habitat.

We want athletes to feel connected with the environment and their surroundings.
Our solution: to have a positive contribution to our planet through the choices we make.
The WAVE NEO COLLECTION does just that.
For every pair sold, our partner the National Forest Foundation, is planting two trees.
These trees will in turn capture carbon from our atmosphere, and will also be an integral part of the ecosystem. To not only contribute to the well being of humans, but to other forms of life from beneath the soil up unto the perches of the trees!

Our Valued Partner.

We’ve partnered with the National Forest Foundation, an American non-profit organization.
Their goal is to promote the health and public enjoyment of 193 million acres of the National Forest System.
With their help, our aim is to reforest land that has been affected by wildfire, floods or hurricanes.
Reforestation is one of the essential tools in our battle to tackle climate change.
By purchasing the WAVE NEO ULTRA or WAVE NEO WIND, you are directly helping this cause.
Help grow and protect our forests for future generations - through the power of sport!
Find out more about the National Forest Foundation here.

Find out more about the National Forest Foundation here.

Innovative Materials.MIZUNO ENERZY & MIZUNO WAVE

How are we able to achieve a propulsive and floating running experience?

The fact is that our designers and engineers create every sensation and active response, through extensive research and development. MIZUNO ENERZY is a highly responsive material that is integrated into the sole of your shoe. It delivers a high energy response while maintaining softness, as well as a bouncy sensation while you run.※3

MIZUNO WAVE on the other hand provides both high cushioning and stability. The MIZUNO WAVE is the product of years of research into materials that add structure and rigidity to the soles of your shoes.

These two materials combined allow for runners to feel a propulsive sensation which amounts to a unique characteristic - giving an edge to the WAVE NEO series.


Enhanced Propulsion, Inspired by Nature.


Float Faster, Inspired by Nature.




Enough talk! Join us on our second ride.


For an in-depth look into the workings of the WAVE NEO COLLECTION - take a dive into the deep end.
Hear from the likes of record holding Mizuno track and field athlete KETURAH ORJI, RYOJI TSUCHIYA from Mizuno’s Global Marketing Department and MARY MITSOS, CEO from the National Forest Foundation and how they explain the inner workings of the WAVE NEO COLLECTION. Buckle up!

※1 CO2 emissions are compared to the case of same design with standard materials ※1 ”Eco friendly materials” are recycle polyester material, plant-based material and water-based print.
※1 “Standard Materials” are Virgin polyester, Oil-based sole materials and normal dyed textiles ※1 Upper and sole account for more than 50% of CO2 emissions calculated by LCA which includes production of materials, assembly of product, packaging and distribution, and end-of-life.
※2 Dyeing process includes refining and washing of dying yarn or textiles.
※3 The effect and feeling of the material varies depending on design and other factors. The resilience is compared to and dependent on actual vertical compression.