Protecting the global environment where people can enjoy sports. Towards carbon neutral by 2050

Rising temperatures, storms and wildfires reported around the world.

In recent years, we have witnessed drastic changes in the natural environment that were never seen before.

We want to protect the environment where people around the world can live in peace and play sports with vigor.

We started our global environmental protection activities in September 1991, and have been working for 30 years to reduce CO2 emissions and waste, and promoting recycling.

The development of environmentally friendly products has been handed down from generation to generation in Mizuno's manufacturing, in line with the words of the company's founder, Rihachi Mizuno: “Go on and create a-mon (the best product for consumers.)” We will continue to take on the challenge of achieving carbon neutral by 2050. We will further accelerate our efforts to reduce our environmental impact by using renewable energy, innovating our product manufacturing processes, using recycled plastics and plant-derived materials, and improving the durability of the product.

We will create new innovations to realize a sustainable society, and pledge to pass on to future generations our green earth where sports can be enjoyed forever.