With the know-how cultivated through the development of sportswear.
Jacket controls air flow to prevent heat stroke

We are developing workwear for workers in a wide range of industries such as transportation, construction, and manufacturing, utilizing the know-how we have accumulated through the development of sportswear.

We use the same functions that are incorporated in sportswear, such as "Dynamotion Fit," our original wear design that pursues ease of movement, and materials that absorb sweat and quickly dissipate it, in our workwear. At workplaces, where safety is required, we propose solutions to fix the problems of the working environment by maintaining a comfortable clothing environment.

The Jacket draws in outside air through fans on both sides of the wear and uses a unique pattern design to direct airflow to areas of high perspiration, while air is drawn out through the cuffs and front and back of the neck to vaporize perspiration and keep the inside of the wear cool.

The product has been highly evaluated as a countermeasure against extreme heat at workplaces under high temperatures, such as outdoors in the summer, as well as in non-work situations, such as watching sports under the scorching sun.

We will continue to develop products and services that contribute to health by utilizing the technologies we have cultivated in the sports to solve the problems faced by various users.