Recycling initiatives in Singapore

Singapore is known for being one of the more proactive countries in Asia when it comes to tackling environmental issues. In order to preserve the natural environment on its limited area of land, in 2019, Singapore announced its aim to reduce waste by 30% by 2030.

Mizuno Singapore is actively engaged in a shoe-recycling initiative by Sports Singapore, a government agency, and is promoting the effective and efficient use of resources together with its customers and other brands in the sporting goods industry.

Sports Singapore collects shoes that are no longer being used, takes them apart, reprocesses the parts, and uses them as materials for the flooring in park fitness areas and athletic tracks, etc.Sports Singapore launched this initiative in July 2021.*1

*1 Recycling target for FY2021: approx. 170,000 pairs

Mizuno is promoting environmental conservation efforts in collaboration with a wide range of partners around the world, to ensure a better future for our planet and for all sports lovers.