Join for the fun! Children’s athletic program “Mizuno Ninja School” for physical and cognitive development

In recent years, fewer and fewer locations are available where children can play freely. While parks may be available, many forbid playing with balls, meaning children are faced with restrictions on many forms of play they used to enjoy. Accordingly, this means children have fewer opportunities for exercise.
A lack of exercise and athletic ability when young can have major impact on their health as adults. To provide all children with opportunities to move and exercise, we have developed “Mizuno Ninja School”, athletic play program for children.

This child-focused athletic play program seeks to make exercise a fun, familiar part of the lives of all children by providing opportunities for them to experience the pleasure and joy that comes from moving their bodies through play. The expert instructors called the Mizuno Play Leaders will participate together with the children, fostering their communication, social and cognitive abilities to help them develop both healthy minds and bodies.
The Mizuno Play Leaders supporting this program are not simply instructors, but also serve as important guides for children as they experience the program. With knowledge of both physical and cognitive development, the Mizuno Play Leaders will introduce children to the world of “Mizuno Ninja School” and guide their participation.

Wholeheartedly immersed in “Mizuno Ninja School” world of training as young ninjas, children will enjoy numerous play activities centered around practicing the 36 basic athletic movements. Becoming a “ninja,” a childhood dream of many, helps children unlock their hidden expressiveness, emotion and athletic abilities and draws them into the fun of “Mizuno Ninja School” program.

In another new initiative, we have developed the children’s athletic program, “Go for it! Become the Ninja Greninja!” featuring the popular ninja pokémon Greninja from the hit animation and video game series Pokémon.
“I want to meet Greninja! I want to be Greninja!” - Featuring the beloved pokémon Greninja will help draw in children who love exercise and those who are not so familiar with moving their bodies, and make it easy and fun for them to participate in the program. Incorporating the special movements and abilities of Greninja will provide further incentive for children to give their all as they enjoy the athletic play.

Both “Mizuno Ninja School” and “Go for it! Become the Ninja Greninja!” offer online participation. Children can participate from around the world, even across the ocean in the United States or from outside the home on a day out.

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