Mizuno develops shoes with enhanced knee support to aim to extend healthy longevity

Walking is said to be a fundamental part of enjoying a healthy lifestyle. It’s something we should be able to actively engage in for as long as possible.

According to Prof. Go Omori (M.D., Ph.D.) of Niigata University of Health and Welfare, around 90% of Japanese women* have a skeletal structure that tends to overburden the inner sides of their knees. When these women walk, the joint cartilage on the inner sides of their knees, which would normally provide cushioning, is actually being worn away. This results in bone hitting against bone and an increased impact on their knees. Therefore, correcting this overburdening of the inner sides of the knees is important for being able to actively engage in walking for as long as possible.

*According to 2008 data from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan

With Prof. Omori’s supervision, Mizuno has developed YOUDO, which are shoes with soles that gently guide (“yudo” in Japanese) how wearers place weight on their knees. The material used for the inner side of the sole compresses gently and offers particularly robust cushioning. Furthermore, when the wearer is walking, the structure of the sole changes shape with each step and naturally guides the wearer to place their weight on this inner side. Together, these elements reduce the burden on the inner sides of the wearer’s knees. Mizuno hopes that these shoes will help as many people as possible walk in comfort for as long as possible.

Aiming to solve the issues faced by society, Mizuno will leverage the knowhow we have fostered through the development of sporting goods to contribute to extending people’s healthy longevity, in collaboration with a wide range of partners.