“Shipping Box Repair Patch” to reduce the waste of cardboard box for Mizuno Healthy Interior series

Mizuno has launched an initiative to realize zero cardboard box exchanges arising from shipping box damage during product delivery. This is implemented for the “Mizuno Healthy Interior” series, a line of training merchandise that doubles up as interior furnishing.

Under the current situation, products are sometimes returned for packing failure due to defective cardboard boxes that have been damaged in the product delivery process, even when there are no problems with the product itself. As the returned products are repacked in new cardboard boxes before being shipped out again, the number of cardboard box disposals has been on the rise. Furthermore, returns and reshipment have contributed to an unnecessary rise in CO2 emissions.

In light of the situation, Mizuno conducted a survey*1 on customers who have actually purchased products through mail order or other channels, concerning their views on the condition of shipping boxes when the products are delivered. According to the survey results, 86% of the respondents are not concerned about shipping boxes that are slightly damaged or stained.

*1 LINE questionnaire (conducted by Mizuno) on 200 male and female users between 20 and 59 years old, conducted over three days from October 6 to October 9, 2021.

Based on these results, Mizuno explored ways to deliver products to customers by making stop-gap repairs to damaged shipping boxes without replacing the boxes entirely. The result is the “Shipping Box Repair Patch.”

If a cardboard box has been damaged while the product itself remains free from any problems, Mizuno will deliver the product in the same box after affixing the “Shipping Box Repair Patch.” Through this method, Mizuno aims to reduce the amount of waste arising from cardboard box exchanges, as well as the amount of CO2 emissions generated during returns and reshipments. Mizuno is also considering expanding this initiative to other product categories in the future.

Mizuno Healthy Interior

By 2050, Mizuno aims to achieve carbon neutrality, which is a state of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, in the corporate activities of the Group. To that end, it is strengthening efforts to promote environment-friendly measures, including the reduction of waste.