We are committed to achieving a sustainable society

To actively contribute to the conservation of the global environment in all business activities and actions of all individuals.
As we provide products and services that embody the diverse values of sports, protecting the global environment where people around the world can live with peace of mind and play lively sports is an important issue.


Believing in the collective power which sports can bring,

To contribute to the mental and physical health of people through sport.
Sports have great power not only to maintain physical and mental health, but also to create communication across countries and generations and to bring out the potential of people and regions.
Mizuno supports more people to access sports and contributes to the realization of a richer and more sustainable society in which each person can shine.


And united in respecting diversity

To contribute to the realization of a future in which all people respect, understand and accept each other.
We believe in a sustainable future in which all people live equally on a safe and healthy planet.
Respecting the diversity of all people, we provide better sporting equipment, places and opportunities for playing sports to all, regardless of nationality, race, gender, age or physical ability, through our sincere business activities.

We have a mission: If we want to leave a more sustainable world behind for future generations, while solving pressing social issues and ensuring our survival, we must work together. We must collaboratively make sustainable choices worldwide – and together, we can do it.

Environmental Targets


Reduction in CO2 emissions by 50.4% (vs. FY2018 level)


Reduction in CO2 emissions by 58.1% (vs. FY2018 level, per 1 billion yen of added value)



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