Health Promotion Initiatives


Basic Concepts

Mizuno believes that helping employees maintain their good physical and mental health and helping them balance work with personal life will lead to its own development and enable it to uphold its corporate philosophy.
Therefore, to promote Mizuno’s efforts to help employees maintain their good health, the president issued a health management declaration.

<Health management declaration [entirety]>

The Mizuno Group believes that a company is its employees and recognizes that the health of its employees forms the basis of its management. Therefore, the Mizuno Group hereby declares to put more effort into helping its employees improve their health.
Mizuno believes that helping employees maintain their good physical and mental health and helping them balance work with personal life will lead to its own development, enable it to uphold its corporate philosophy, and help its employees lead fulfilling lives.
Mizuno looks forward to seeing that its employees have understood this declaration and begun willingly putting effort into conducting activities that will improve their health together with their families so that they can enjoy balancing work with personal life.

Health Management Promotion System

The system for health promotion initiatives

figure:The system for health promotion initiatives

Health Promotion Initiatives and External Evaluation

Mizuno, based on its declaration of health management, has set specific targets for four challenges: "Reducing the ratio of those at risk for lifestyle-related diseases," "Early detection of serious diseases," "Reduction in the number of employees taking leave for mental health," and "Reduction in smoking rates." We have embarked on various health promotion initiatives, focusing on the encouragement of sports and exercise.
These activities have been recognized, and we have been certified as an "Excellent Health Management Corporation 2023 (Large Corporation Division) (White 500)" and "Sports Yell Company 2023," consecutively earning the "Bronze Plus" status in both categories.

For specific details of our initiatives, please refer to the content titled "Health Promotion Efforts" on the Mizuno homepage.
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image:2021 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization

Future issues to be addressed

  • Supporting the balancing of work with personal life
    We will continue to support employees in balancing work with childcare and caregiving, a strategy aimed not only at retaining employees but also enhancing their engagement.
  • Paid holidays
    Mizuno believes that all employees should take at least five paid holidays. Accordingly, Mizuno will put effort into encouraging employees to do so by creating a workplace environment that encourages employees to take paid holidays.
  • Safety and Health
    To create a safe and comfortable workplace environment, Mizuno will put effort into not only ensuring that it complies with the law but also reviewing its system for promoting safety and health. In addition, Mizuno believes that safety and health measures must incorporate risk management. Accordingly, Mizuno will revise its business continuity plan to reflect this belief.
  • Health management
    To ensure health management, we will continue to improve our PDCA efforts for health promotion each year. In addition to encouraging exercise and sports, we will also embrace new perspectives by including initiatives related to dietary education, sleep, women’s unique health issues, and health promotion for older employees. Our goal is to further maintain and enhance overall health.