Developing communities based on sports


Basic Concepts

Today, we are able to indirectly enjoy sports by watching real-time games and matches both in our own country and abroad thanks to the development of digital technology. However, since actually playing sports requires having equipment, a facility, teammates, and/or instructors, there are people who cannot play sports even if they want to.

Mizuno believes it needs to help create equal opportunities to play sports, regardless of age, physical disability, and place of residence, if it wants to help as many people as possible enjoy sports by maximizing the potential of sports. Therefore, Mizuno puts effort into improving the accessibility of sports and promoting regional sports. By doing so, Mizuno also aims to help people connect and communicate with one another through sports.

It’s important to note that Mizuno Group’s efforts to promote sports are carried out with commercial purposes in mind, and as a rule, the provision of services or products free of charge is not implemented.

Participating in the Amsterdam Marathon

One of the most well-known activities aimed at promoting sports overseas is the Amsterdam Marathon, held in the Netherlands. Mizuno has been supporting this event since 2000, offering various categories including a full marathon, a half marathon, and an eight-kilometer run, making it an event where participants can enjoy running according to their abilities.

Although the 2020 edition was held as a "virtual run" event considering the COVID-19 pandemic, the real event was resumed in 2021 after two years. The Amsterdam Marathon is held every year on the third Sunday of October, and the 2022 edition took place on October 16. Over 30,000 runners from more than 90 countries entered, and Mizuno, as the main sponsor, set up flags bearing its name over a 2-kilometer stretch around the venue. During the event, Mizuno also set up a sales stand adjacent to the stadium for the display and sale of apparel and footwear.

Nearly half of the participants in this event are runners from outside the Netherlands, making it a distinctly international and Pan-European event, setting it apart from other races. Through the participation of various runners, Mizuno looks forward to revitalizing the local area and furthering the recognition and penetration of the Mizuno brand, with plans to continue sponsoring the event in the future.

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Amsterdam Marathon 2022

Amsterdam Marathon 2022

Amsterdam Marathon 2022
Mizuno’s Booth at the Amsterdam Marathon 2022

Mizuno’s Booth at the Amsterdam Marathon 2022

To help all kinds of people, from children to adults, as well as beginners to those advanced, in Europe, the U.S., Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, and China, as well as other countries around the world, Mizuno co-hosts competitions and holds sports clinics relating to running, rugby, badminton and other sports.

Regional sports promotion by top athletes
Holding Mizuno Victory Clinics

In 2007, Mizuno began promoting regional sports, with help from current and former male and female top athletes, by holding Mizuno Victory Clinics, which have top athletes give demonstrations and advice to help participants recognize the fun of sports.

About 300 current and former athletes of 20 types of sports, who participated in domestic and international sports competitions, including the Olympics and world championships, are registered as clinic instructors, and they directly pass on their skills and spirit to participants.
In addition, Mizuno Victory Clinics aim to promote interaction between participants. Mizuno Victory Clinics, which welcome top athletes as instructors, not only promote regional sports but also provide athletes with opportunities to demonstrate their skills. The Clinics also serve as venues for top sports athletes and regional sports athletes to interact with one another.

In FY 2021, Mizuno was only able to hold 45 Clinics due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as the response to the coronavirus has gradually eased, the number of clinics held in FY 2022 increased to 111.

FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022
No. of times held 89 24 45 111

Collaboration with municipalities in promoting regional sports

Regional sports not only help people improve their physical and mental health but also help residents build communities. By combining the insights and expertise of the public, private, and educational sectors, it becomes possible to carry out more effective activities that meet the specific needs of the region. Mizuno collaborates with municipalities and universities in promoting regional sports.

Operating Sports Facilities

To create opportunities for enjoying sports, it is essential to have places in the community where people can participate in sports activities. Since 2006, Mizuno has been involved in the designated management of sports facilities across Japan. Through the operation and management of these facilities, as well as the provision of age-appropriate programs, Mizuno fosters community interaction and supports the creation of opportunities for people in the region to easily engage in sports. As of March 2023, there are 1,205 contracted facilities in 185 locations nationwide.

Business project aimed at solving social issues through sports and community bonds

In August 2021, Mizuno and Consadole Co., Ltd. jointly launched PROJECT 179, a collaboration project aimed at revitalizing all 179 municipalities in Hokkaido. When companies and organizations that support the project purchase Mizuno products, part of income from the purchases is used to cover the cost of implementing regional revitalization measures. In the near future, the project will be open to participants from among the general public as well.

As a first measure of this project, stationery items created especially for PROJECT 179 were provided to all first-year elementary school students around Hokkaido who enrolled in 2022 and 2023.

Mizuno will leverage the power of sports to contribute to regional revitalization by promoting this business project aimed at solving social issues through sports and community bonds.

Future issues to be addressed

With the aim of promoting sports and increasing the number of people involved in sports, we will provide opportunities, venues, and services not only for "playing sports" but also for "watching sports" and "supporting sports." By doing so, we will create "joy, excitement, and dreams" that contribute to the revitalization of the community. Additionally, by further increasing opportunities for children to enjoy sports freely and joyfully not only in school physical education classes and club activities but anywhere, we will strive to maintain and increase the future sports population and contribute to the realization of a society where people can lead healthy and fulfilling lives.