Contributing to the multi-dimensional values of sports


Why are priority issues important ? (reason for importance)

The values that sports can offer are diverse, playing a crucial role in helping people lead richer, healthier, and more comfortable lives. Mizuno believes it’s essential to deliver the joy of sports to as many people as possible, allowing them to experience the spirit embodied in sports through "fair play," "friendship," and "fighting spirit." Additionally, we believe it’s important to cooperate with relevant institutions to provide solutions that leverage the potential of sports to address the challenges faced by society.

Related to the SDGs

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Mizuno’s Risks and Opportunities

The decrease in the population of sports competitors due to the decline in the domestic population, and the stagnation of the domestic sports market, are recognized as risks by Mizuno.
Utilizing our group’s understanding, know-how, technology, and network related to sports, Mizuno aims to maximize the power of sports, delivering its value to more people around the world, and will continue to aim for global business expansion.


  • Decrease in the population of sports competitors
  • Stagnation of the domestic sports market


  • Providing the value of sports’ power by leveraging understanding, know-how, technology, and network related to sports

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Goals & Results

  • Total number of users of products and services that contribute to maintaining and enhancing health (cumulative number)
    FY 2022 actuals: 31.2 million people (no target set)
    FY 2023 target: Over 33.8 million people (exceeding the number of users before the pandemic)
  • Sales area of long-pile artificial turf in sports facilities
    FY 2022 actuals: 170,000 square meters (no target set)
    FY 2023 target: 200,000 square meters (118% compared to 2022)

Approach to priority Issues

With the aim of promoting sports and increasing the number of people involved in sports, we will provide "opportunities," "venues," and "services" to respond not only to "participating in sports" but also to "watching sports" and "supporting sports." In doing so, we will create "joy, excitement, and dreams" that contribute to the revitalization of the community.

Main Initiatives

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Moving Forward

We will continue to research and develop products and services that allow diverse individuals to enjoy sports and exercise together, transcending differences in age, gender, or any physical differences.