Reduction of hazardous chemical substances


Basic Concepts

Mizuno puts effort into reducing its use of chemical substances that could be harmful to the human body and ecosystem, and it also puts effort into finding substitutes to replace such chemical substances. Mizuno’s offices conduct risk assessments into chemical substances according to categories, based on their hazardousness and harmfulness, and put effort into finding substitutes with lower risks.

In FY 2022, there were no major cases of leakage of hazardous chemical substances from Mizuno’s manufacturing factories. In addition to Mizuno’s manufacturing bases, Mizuno’s offices and stores also performed risk assessments of chemical substances used to repair products.

* Mizuno has a system for managing hazardous chemical substances to ensure that it offers safe and proper quality products. To find out more about the system, please visit Mizuno’s Responsibility for Safe and High-quality Products website.

Reducing organic solvent (toluene) emissions

As a measure to reduce the adverse effect that toluene could have on the health of its employees, Mizuno puts effort into reducing toluene emissions by replacing currently used adhesives containing toluene at shoe manufacturing sites with water soluble adhesives.

Storing PCB

The Law Concerning Special Measures against PCB Waste requires business operators who store PCB waste to annually report the condition under which PCB waste is being stored and to dispose of PCB waste by the end of March 2027.
At Senotech, one transformer with low PCB content is being stored. Therefore, the company submits an annual report in June to the local municipalities on the storage and disposal status of the polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) waste.

Future issues to be addressed

  • Mizuno is committed to using materials that do not contain hazardous chemical substances, starting from the design stage of the manufacturing process.
  • Mizuno’s ultimate goal is to switch to paints and adhesives that do not contain organic solvents. If an immediate switch is not possible, Mizuno will transition to ones that contain solvents with lower levels of hazard.