Communication related to products

Provision of product information

We believe that it is important to provide sufficient product-related information so that customers can select our products appropriately. We actively disclose product-related information through in-store POP materials and our website, in addition to labeling on products and instructions for use.

For the content of disclosed information, we comply with laws, regulations, and industry rules related to labeling and confirm the accuracy and appropriateness of the information in accordance with the labeling control regulations. Specifically, when describing the superiority of a product, we use accurate and easy-to-understand expressions so that there is no misunderstanding, and when expressing functionality, we make it a requirement that there be supporting materials, such as test and experiment results. To ensure that all relevant departments, including the Quality Assurance Office and the Legal Affairs Office, can check and judge the content of disclosed information effectively and efficiently, a workflow application system is used. We are also developing a self-confirmation system before application so that regarding the expression of functionality, the applicant can confirm the appropriateness of expressions prior to application to avoid misleading representations. [*c]

In FY 2021, although we conducted two recalls due to inadequate labeling, we identified the problems and reorganized the relevant processes.

Communication concerning defects and the collection of defective products

When a defect occurs, we announce it promptly and accurately on our website. In FY 2021, we made four announcements.

Total number of cases announced as an “Important Notice Regarding Mizuno Products” on the website due to product defects, incorrect quality display, or other reasons

FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021
5 9 5 2 4

Communication for the safe use of products

For the use of sports equipment, it is also essential for customers to use it properly and to have safety awareness when playing sports. We provide product information to customers through various means, such as catalogs, user’s manuals, advertisements, news releases, in-store flyers, and customer services through Mizuno Customer Service Center.

To convey information on the safe use of our products in as easy-to-understand manner as possible, we try to avoid the use of technical terms when possible and provide easy-to-understand explanations with illustrations in our user’s manuals.

We also analyze customer inquiries made to Mizuno Customer Service Center and take measures, including adding user’s manuals to products for which usage instructions are difficult to understand. On the User Support page of our website, we have set up the sections “FAQ about Products” and “Useful Information,” where we post frequently asked questions and provide tips on how to select and care for our products by product category, such as shoes and sportswear, and by sporting event. For products that may lead to an accident if used incorrectly, we provide more specific instructions on how to use them, including representations based on the Product Liability Act, and other necessary information.
In March 2021, this page was revised to make it easier for customers to see and use.

Please click here for the website “User Support.”

Ensuring safety in the use of our products

All of our sports shoe items come with a user’s manual. To allow for the longer and safer use of sports shoes, we asked JASPO (Association of Japan Sporting Goods Industries) to help with the good use of the Sports Shoes Guidebook, a leaflet used by 11 sporting goods manufacturers that are affiliated with JASPO. The Guidebook is also available on Mizuno’s website.

The Guidebook has easy-to-understand explanations and illustrations providing tips for trying shoes on before purchase, choosing the right shoes, putting them on and taking them off, and ensuring they can be worn for a long time.

New Measure

Although we provide a user manual that describes how to set up and handle our training instruments and health-enhancing instruments, for some products we have started to attach a DVD and publish a video on our website to share detailed information with customers.

Future issues to be addressed

  • To provide customers with appropriate information in a timely manner, we will enhance in-house education so that individual employees can surely acquire basic knowledge about product labeling.
  • We will carry out regular maintenance of our website so that we can provide the latest information in frequently asked questions posted on the section of Mizuno Customer Service Center