Reporting Policy


Reporting Policy

Mizuno maintains transparency on information regarding the Mizuno Group’s environmental and social impact and explains the Mizuno Group’s sustainability activities to stakeholders through the Sustainability Report.

Reporting Scope of Organization

In principle, the Mizuno Group (Mizuno Headquarters and domestic/overseas group companies) is our target.
But as the target organization differs according to data and descriptions of entry contents, the report target organization is indicated by the letters below in each part of the report.

[*a] Mizuno Group (Domestic / Overseas)
[*b] Mizuno Group (Domestic)
[*c] Mizuno Group, Domestic (Excluding the Senoh Group and Sharp Sangyo Co., Ltd.)
[*d] Mizuno Corporation (Non-consolidated)
[*e] Others:Described individually

For the countries in which we operate, please visit at "Global Office Locator ".

Please refer to the link below for the sites covered by this sustainability report.
Link: (

Report Target Period

Although focusing on activities during FY 2022 (April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023), some activities from the previous and most recent activity reports are included.

Publication date

July 2023 (Previous: July 2022; Next: Scheduled for July 2024)

Reference Guidelines

  • GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Sustainability Reporting Standard 2021
  • Ministry of Environment 「Environmental Reporting Guideline 2018 edition」

External Assurance

As of June 2023, Mizuno had not obtained external assurance on the contents of the Sustainability Report. However, it will consider it in the future.

In order to ensure a higher level of transparency and reliability while disclosing information on environmental data, Mizuno has obtained third-party assurance for the Japanese version of environmental data for FY2022 with this report from SGS Japan Inc.


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