Respect for Human Rights (Policies and Systems)


Management Policy

We respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the labor-related international code of conduct, including labor standards defined in the ILO’s fundamental conventions. We also recognize, support, and put into practice essential values expressed in the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles in four areas (human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption), which the international community supports and recognizes as globally adopted and agreed universal values.

We comply with all labor-related laws and regulations, which govern working hours, compensation, trade union choice, collective bargaining rights, working conditions, and other job issues, of the countries where we operate, and we aim to create a workplace where individuals are treated with dignity, fairness, and respect. We have established the Mizuno Code of Conduct for Suppliers, which adopts the perspective of ISO 26000, international guidance on social responsibility, to convey our CSR approaches to suppliers, and we ask them to comply with its principles.

The Mizuno Code of Conduct for Suppliers has been translated into the language of each country where major factories are located, and we ask them to post it so that workers in the factories can understand its content.

Formulation of the "Mizuno Group Human Rights Policy"

Since initiating CSR procurement audits in 2004, the Mizuno Group has continuously worked on "responsible procurement with due respect human rights" as a materiality (important issue). However, we had not disclosed a policy corresponding to the "Human Rights Policy," which is listed as Step 1 in the "Guidelines for Respecting Human Rights in Responsible Supply Chains," published by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry in September 2022. Therefore, we decided to formulate a new one.
In formulating this policy, we based it on the "Mizuno Code of Ethics" and the "CSR Procurement Code of Conduct," which have long articulated our group’s approach to compliance with international norms and standards on human rights. The contents of the policy, such as items and wording, refer to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Keidanren, and other company examples.
The content of this policy has been reviewed not only internally but also by third-party experts, namely lawyers. After drafting and verification in the Sustainability Operations Council, it was approved by the Board of Directors and then announced.
We will continue to carry out human rights due diligence in accordance with this policy. If changes in the external environment make it necessary to update the content of this policy, we will discuss it in the Sustainability Operations Council, obtain approval from the Board of Directors, and then disclose the revised content.

Please refer to the following for our Human Rights Policy.
Link: Mizuno Group Human Rights Policy PDF

Please refer to the following for our "Mizuno Code of Ethics":
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Please refer to the following for our "Mizuno CSR Procurement Code of Conduct":
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Management system

The Cross-departmental Products Committee is responsible for promoting CSR procurement activities. This committee, chaired by the Managing Executive Officer, consists of members selected from the planning and production departments for apparel, footwear, equipment, factory departments, the Quality Assurance Office, and various management departments throughout the company. The committee not only reports on the progress of CSR procurement audits but also discusses promoting compliance with the "Mizuno CSR Procurement Code of Conduct" and the global response to CSR procurement activities.

Human Rights Due Diligence

The Mizuno Group has been promoting CSR procurement since 2004, based on the belief that "good manufacturing" is not only about producing safe, reliable, and high-quality products, but also about ensuring that human rights, labor, and environmental aspects of the production process meet international standards. We believe that the continuous implementation of CSR procurement contributes to the exercise of human rights due diligence and the prevention of human rights violations.As our group aims to further expand its business globally, we recognize that implementing human rights due diligence with respect for human rights at the forefront is one of the most critical issues. Based on the "Mizuno Group Human Rights Policy" established in April 2023, we will continue to work diligently, keeping an eye on the legislative trends in various countries.