Materiality Identification Process


Materiality Identification Process

  1. Background of the review
    To further promote sustainability management, we started examination on "formulation of Integrated Value Creation Stories," "redefinition of materiality," and "clarification of priority SDGs to be targeted" in June 2019. In October 2020, the Sustainability Operations Council redefined materiality and deliberated on the review of the materiality.
  2. Deliberation and approval by management
    After an individual hearing was conducted for officers and business managers by outside experts, the draft on materiality, which was formulated by the Secretariat with reference to proposals from the outside experts, was deliberated multiple times by the Sustainability Operations Council. In January 2020, it was deliberated and approved by the Board of Directors, and new materiality has been disclosed since FY 2021.

Mizuno’s new materiality and major related SDGs

graph:Mizuno’s new materiality and major related SDGs

We have revised certain aspects of our materiality. We have reconsidered and updated the associated contents for the two items, "Contributing to the multi-dimensional values of sports" and "Contributing to the resolution of social issue". A comprehensive review of our materiality is planned for implementation from the fiscal year 2023 onwards.