Contributing to the resolution of social issue


Why are priority issues important ? (reason for importance)

Mizuno is expanding its business not only in competitive sports products but also in everyday life and work business, catering to various scenes. Leveraging the strengths cultivated in the sports field, we are committed to contributing to the resolution of social issues and the healthy development of local communities. This includes enhancing physical and mental well-being and fostering diverse communication within the community.

Related to the SDGs

icon:Related to the SDGs

Mizuno’s Risks and Opportunities

With the advancement of the information society and the automation of various tasks, convenience has been enhanced, and changes in work styles have made comfortable living possible. Mizuno is expanding the definition of sports beyond competitive scenes to include physical activities in everyday life. We view this as an opportunity to create new businesses that solve social issues through the power of sports and will actively pursue this approach.


  • Diversification of hobbies and preferences due to the advancement of the information society
  • Reduction of safe and accessible outdoor play areas


  • Development, deployment, and promotion of unique exercise programs
  • Fostering diverse community communication through the use of sports facilities
  • Expanding opportunities for physical activity in daily life due to changes in work styles

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Goals & Results

  • Work Business Revenue
    FY 2022 Results: 9.7 billion yen
    FY 2025 Target: 17.0 billion yen
  • Support for societal health enhancement through walking ability and walking type analysis system "Motion DNA," number of measurement sessions conducted
    FY 2022 Results: 30 times
    FY 2023 Target: 50 times

Approach to priority Issues

Mizuno group is focusing on improving children’s physical and athletic abilities, and extending the healthy lifespan of seniors. For the enhancement of children’s physical and athletic abilities, it is crucial to get them accustomed to physical movement from early childhood. In an aging society like today, there are hopes for extending healthy lifespans through sports. We will deploy our original programs developed by our group as community revitalization programs aimed at increasing the number of children who love to exercise and active seniors.

Main Initiatives

Moving Forward

We are applying the technology and materials developed in the field of competitive sports. With that foundation, we aim to create a society where everyone enjoys moving their bodies and to realize a world where the power of sports can solve social issues.