Protection of personal information


Basic Concepts

Positioning the information security management policy (security policy) as an important management issue, we have formulated basic policies and measures for information security in general and have continued to manage and operate them.

In particular, strongly recognizing the importance of the protection of personal information, we have established personal information protection regulations to strictly manage information and prevent its leakage outside of the company. The officer in charge of human resources and general affairs oversees the management of personal information and takes measures to ensure proper management, including providing educational training to the staff who handle personal information, implementing safety measures, and updating the inventory of personal information.

System for personal information protection

We manage a considerable amount of personal and sensitive data collected through hosting sports events, operating sports facilities, and conducting experiments by our research and development department. We are dedicated to establishing systems that prevent significant incidents from arising due to mishandling of this information. In the fiscal year of 2022, there were no serious breaches involving infringement of customer privacy or loss of customer data from our company group.



Future issues to be addressed

Amid the tightening of global regulations on and growing global interest in the use of information assets, including personal information, the Mizuno Group will refine its information strategy in group management to make it more responsive to changes and will rebuild the way we use information more appropriately. Specific efforts are as follows:

  • Strengthening and systemizing our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe
  • Expanding these efforts horizontally to other regions
  • Implementing more secure cloud services to prevent unauthorized access
  • Implementing more advanced security measures across the global group
  • Building a system that can prevent security risks in internal and external systems in advance, and can respond instantly in the event of an incident