Responsibility for Safe and High-Quality Products


Why are priority issues important ? (reason for importance)

"Create best products for customers." Having cherished these words of the founder Rihachi Mizuno, we believe that it is important to manufacture and sell safe and superior products. Defects in product safety and quality may damage the trust of customers. We will endeavor to offer better products by providing information that helps customers to use our products properly and safely and by continuing efforts to use the feedback of our customers to improve our products.

Related to the SDGs

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Mizuno’s Risks and Opportunities

In response to the diversification of products handled and the complexity of the supply chain due to entry into new markets, we are considering building a more flexible quality assurance system. Additionally, to address the global trend of stricter chemical substance regulations, we are advancing the construction of a global quality assurance system in collaboration with our overseas group companies. To provide safe and high-quality products, we will set up opportunities for quality knowledge education that correspond to various working arrangements.


  • Diversification of products handled and complexity of the supply chain due to entry into new markets
  • Compliance with global strengthening of chemical substance regulations


  • Rapid product introduction and expansion of sales opportunities through the construction of a more flexible quality assurance system
  • Production and sales of safe products in accordance with the laws of various countries
  • Development of human resources through the creation of opportunities to acquire quality knowledge tailored to diverse working arrangements

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Goals & Results

  • Quality Objectives (Defect Rate Related to Claim Returns*)
    FY 2022 Results: Achievement Rate
    ①Global Footwear Product Division: 140%
    ②Global Apparel Product Division: 153%
    ③Global Equipment Product Division: 106%
    FY 2023 Target: Achievement Rate 100%

* Calculated by dividing the number of defective returns for which manufacturing is responsible by the number of items shipped, and compared with the target values set by each division.

Approach to priority Issues

We conduct various reviews and inspections to ensure product safety and quality control. Through reviews, we check various items related to product quality, including product design, materials to be used, safety during use, and labeling. In design reviews before the start of manufacturing of new products, we check their structure and materials as well as technical aspects based on the checklist. After products are manufactured, we conduct a pre-shipment inspection before they are shipped from a factory to make a final check for defects in individual products.

Main Initiative

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Moving Forward

We will continue to work to provide safe and high-quality products through the improvement of our quality assurance system from a global perspective and the development of human resources.