Physical and mental health through sports


Basic Concepts

Our living environment is changing dramatically every day. With the advancement of the information society and the automation of various tasks, convenience has improved, and changes in work patterns have made life more comfortable. On the other hand, challenges such as a lack of physical exercise and a decrease in interpersonal interactions have emerged, raising concerns about their significant impact on the healthy development of society.

Mizuno is committed to supporting more people in accessing sports and contributing to the realization of a richer, more sustainable society where every individual can shine.

Proposing programs designed to help companies support employees to maintain good health

To help companies support employees to maintain good health, Mizuno designed a program called "Nagara Exercise 100" (100 exercises to perform while doing something else), which aims to resolve the lack-of-exercise issue by turning daily activities into light exercises.

Some of the reasons it may seem hard to make exercising a habit are that we tend to think we need to set aside a certain amount of time, be at a specific place to exercise, and do something special. Nagara Exercise 100 was developed based on the belief that daily life is full of opportunities to move our bodies and that there is nothing special we need to do in order to exercise.

Nagara Exercise 100 does not require using any special equipment, going to a gym, or setting aside time just to exercise. Mizuno categorized daily life into 25 scenes, and based on those scenes, it proposed exercises that can be done while doing something else. In addition, to introduce these exercises, Mizuno has developed a special website and held events and training sessions.

The concept of nagara exercise, which proposes that daily life itself can become an exercise if we could simply see it in a different way, is currently being offered in collaboration with various companies and organizations.

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Proposing a walking program that can help maintain and enhance good health

Mizuno offers a walking training program that can be enjoyed individually. The program introduces how shoes should be worn, what posture one should maintain when walking, how one should walk, and what kind of stretching exercises there are for our toes, and it is designed for the elderly, who may not like exercising.

Results of the walking program

FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022
No. of facilities 38 27 34 34
No. of participants (persons) 2,801 2,866 2,687 2,705

"Motion DNA" - Scientifically Understanding "Walking"

Mizuno has developed the "Motion DNA" walking ability and walking type analysis system as part of its services to embody the POWERED LIFE vision, "Bringing good performance to your life." By utilizing "Motion DNA," Mizuno aims to make people’s "walking" more enjoyable, thereby supporting a life where they can "go wherever they want on their own feet, forever."
"Walking" is a fundamental aspect of life. Therefore, when walking ability declines, it leads to a decrease in the Quality of Life (QOL). There is a correlation between walking speed and healthy life expectancy; it has been found that individuals with a faster walking pace tend to have a longer healthy lifespan, while those with a slower pace have a shorter one.

To lead a more vibrant and longer life, effective measures to maintain walking ability are essential. "Motion DNA" measures walking ability using simple and highly accurate specialized equipment, and estimates walking type through a standing posture measurement system and application. By understanding the differences in walking ability and walking type, individuals can identify training methods and support products suited to them, contributing to the extension of their healthy lifespan.

Walking Ability Measurement

Walking Ability Measurement

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Making Exercise a Convenient Habit in the Living Room to Support Health Creation

Focusing on feedback such as "I want to move my body for health, but I don’t have time" and "Storing training equipment is a hassle," Mizuno has been selling the "Mizuno Healthy Interior" training goods series since 2018, designed to be placed in the living room. With the concept of "adding to your usual time and space," it supports the creation of health by making it a habit to exercise easily in the living room, even for those who find it hard to make time due to work, housework, or childcare.

In the context of increased time at home due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, sales have been favorable as the Mizuno Healthy Interior allows individuals to continue exercising easily without being affected by external conditions. Mizuno is aiming for sales of approximately 900 million yen in the fiscal year 2025 for the Mizuno Healthy Interior line.

Future issues to be addressed

Mizuno is committed to taking on the challenge of expanding its business domain with sports at its core. In line with the changing times and leveraging digital transformation (DX), Mizuno aims to foster a habit of casual exercise and to expand into business areas that support comfortable lifestyles, with the goal of broadening its user base.