Engagement with Customers


Basic Concepts

To ensure the safety and quality of our products and services, we have established a system that complies with ISO 10002, a complaint management system, and that allows us to respond appropriately to customer feedback and complaints.

System for customer service

A variety of kinds of feedback from customers is collected at the Mizuno Customer Service Center, where we respond to inquiries and service complaints in cooperation with the relevant departments. Product complaints are forwarded to the Quality Assurance Section, which in turn provides feedback on them to the relevant departments as important information necessary to improve products and systems.
The Quality Assurance Office, which consists of the Mizuno Customer Service Center and the Quality Assurance Section, is responsible for building the quality management system and also serves as a liaison to customers.

Customer feedback and major actions

In FY 2022, the Mizuno Customer Service Center received 30,537 calls, of which approximately 47% were inquiries regarding products and approximately 8% were complaints about products.

Details of calls from customers in FY 2022

FY 2022 Graph by Consultation Content

graph:FY 2022 Graph by Consultation Content

FY 2022 Graph by Sport Discipline

graph:FY 2022 Graph by Sport Discipline

Internal sharing of VOC (Voice of Customer)

Many of the customer voices received by the Mizuno Customer Service Center include customer requests, words of joy, and sometimes harsh opinions. We share these valuable voices internally on our internal website and posters. We will continue to make efforts so that individual employees will be aware of the customer’s perspective and, as a result, we will provide better products and services for customers.

Responses in the event of a product accident

In the event of a product accident, we will take prompt and appropriate action to resolve the problem in accordance with the Customer Service Regulations. We have reviewed the circulation flow of the accident report database so that information on accidents can be shared promptly between internal staff. After grasping the details of an accident, the Quality Assurance Office consults with and reports to the relevant organizations, including the Consumer Affairs Agency, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, JASPO (Association of Japan Sporting Goods Industries), and NITE (National Institute of Technology and Evaluation), and takes prompt measures. If a defect that may lead to a product accident is found, we quickly determine measures to prevent the occurrence of an accident.

Please click here for details of the Customer Service Regulations.

Future issues to be addressed

Recently, the number of inquiries from overseas customers has increased. However, we do not have a sufficient system in place to respond to them, and there are still areas for improvement. We will work to create a system that provides better services to our customers and ensures customer satisfaction both domestically and overseas.

  • We will endeavor to provide products and services from a more customer-centric perspective through a mechanism for sharing customer feedback within the company.
  • We will strive to overhaul our customer support system to accommodate a variety of communication tools.