Promoting and respecting diversity


Basic Concepts

Mizuno will put more effort into promoting and respecting diversity as a basis for its Group’s growth strategy aimed at helping its diverse employees achieve their potential in helping the Company’s organizations and the Company produce good results.

Promoting female participation

Mizuno has been promoting and will continue to promote female participation. To support employees who are particularly eager to work and are talented, Mizuno will put effort into laying software and hardware foundations, including providing career development support, improving the workplace atmosphere, and designing systems for supporting diverse workstyles. Mizuno will also work on measures to raise women’s awareness of career building and promote the growth of female employees by conducting in-house training for selected members and career interviews for female employees and encouraging them to participate in a forum for female managers held jointly with other companies so that the ratio of female managers will be raised to 10% by the end of FY 2025. In FY2022, Mizuno implemented the following measures.

Measures to increase the percentage of female employees

In FY 2022, out of 25 new graduate hires, 9 were female [*d].
Moreover, as stated in our General Employer Action Plan, we are also aiming to ensure that the proportion of women in hiring (both new graduates and mid-career recruits) is 40% or more, and will continue to work towards this goal.

Career development support

The Diversity West Japan Study Session, which comprises about 50 companies, held a career design forum in FY 2022 as well, which was attended by five female Mizuno employees, who all held different positions. At the forum, Mizuno’s female employees had the opportunity to participate in a round-table discussion with female leaders representing other companies, which helped them develop their own future visions by considering their future career paths from medium-to long-term perspectives.
Additionally, for potential female leaders, career interviews were conducted to confirm short-term, medium-term, and long-term career visions and plan for the systematic promotion of women to managerial positions.

Moreover, we believe that men’s participation in childcare is essential not only for women who work while raising children to balance both roles but also to thrive. Therefore, we have increased opportunities for educational training on men’s participation in childcare. The implementation details are as follows:

  • Company-wide education to deepen understanding
  • Cross-industry "Iku-boss" seminars
  • Cross-industry seminars for male childcare participation aimed at those directly involved.

Mizuno Corporation - Individual Gender Pay Gap <*d>

Category Individual Gender Pay Gap
All Employees 66.6
Full-time Employees 72.9
Contract Employees・Part-time Employees 57.9

* Value Using Male as the 100-Point Benchmark

Mizuno Corporation: Distribution of All Employees by Gender <*d>

Total Male Female
Younger than 30 (%) 12.1% 7.4% 4.7%
30 to 39 (%) 26.1% 16.8% 9.4%
40 to 49 (%) 22.8% 15.4% 7.4%
50 to 59 (%) 38.9% 29.4% 9.5%
60 or older (%) 0.1% 0.1% 0.0%

Welcoming diverse workers

The essence of diversity is the maximization of different qualities. Mizuno aims to welcome diverse workers able to create new value by achieving their potential and developing innovation. In terms of securing diverse human resources, Mizuno has high expectations for mid-career employees and is working to secure human resources who can contribute to the creation of innovation based on different values as ready-to-work employees with expertise. The current ratio of mid-career employees in managerial posts is 10.4%. To raise it to 20% by the end of FY 2025, Mizuno will continue to actively hire human resources who will be candidates for managers, including female managers, when hiring mid-career employees.

Employment of the physically and mentally challenged workers

As of March 2023, the employment rate of physically and mentally challenged workers at Mizuno is 2.31% [*d], exceeding the legally mandated employment rate. We will continue to promote the hiring of individuals with disabilities more than ever before.
Additionally, to enhance the promotion of employment for the physically and mentally challenged, and to ensure that they can thrive in the workplace, we have conducted company-wide education to deepen understanding about disabilities and eliminate prejudice against them.

Employing elderly people

Mizuno has a re-employment system, which employs former employees who retired at the retirement age of 60 but wanted to continue working until 65.
In FY 2022, 48 employees retired due to the mandatory retirement system, and 44 of them used the re-employment system.

Promoting Consciousness Reform and Cultivating a Culture for Diversity

To foster an understanding and acceptance of Mizuno’s commitment to diversity within the company, a top-level message was disseminated at the policy briefing at the beginning of fiscal year 2020. Currently, initiatives are underway to prompt a shift in awareness among all employees.
Diversity management training was conducted for division heads, encouraging them to take the lead in raising awareness and promoting diversity and inclusion (D & I). In addition, biannual company-wide education related to D & I has been conducted; the themes for fiscal year 2022 were male participation in child-rearing and employment of disabled persons.
Alongside efforts to create an environment where diverse talent can work more comfortably, we will continue to provide ongoing learning opportunities to foster consciousness reform among employees.

Promoting employees’ understanding of LGBTQ+

As part of its education program for all employees, Mizuno provided employees with diversity education, which featured LGBTQ+ as one type of diversity.

Improving Mizuno’s workplace environment and promoting the growth of Mizuno’s employees

To help employees continue to grow, Mizuno will put effort into improving its workplace environment in ways that will promote and respect diversity and help diverse employees achieve their potential and find their work to be rewarding.

Future issues to be addressed

Mizuno recognizes the promotion of diversity as a critical managerial issue. Accordingly, the company will actively employ a diverse workforce and work to change each employee’s attitude towards diversity by identifying and addressing the necessary challenges.