Integrated Value Creation Stories


By 2030, the Mizuno Group will simultaneously create social and economic value by clarifying purpose of businesses that will lead to the resolution of sustainability in environmental and social issues, based on the three frameworks, which are 1) "Heritage & Beyond" as the strengths of Mizuno, 2) "Sports & Beyond," as Mizuno’s business field and 3) "Responsibility & Beyond" as the social value provided by Mizuno.

figure:Realization of management philosophy
figure:Realization of management philosophy

Mizuno’s Social Value: Responsibility & Beyond [Materiality]

Beyond our past & present CSR activities, (= By applying and integrating our past & present CSR activities"), we plan and develop our future global sustainability marketing direction and strategies. At the same time, We take on the challenge of contributing to sustainability and the SDGs, through new business development.

Responsibility: Corporate activities with responsibility associated with business

  • Responsible procurement with due respect for human rights
  • Responsibility for global environmental issues
  • Responsible business practices
  • Responsibility for Safe and High-Quality Products

Beyond: Providing social value through business

  • Contributing to the multi-dimensional values of sports
  • Contributing to the resolution of social issue (SDGs)

Strengths of Mizuno: Heritage & Beyond

Taking advantage of the strengths we have cultivated since our establishment, we are taking on the challenge of a new strategic domain.

Heritage: Business assets that should be continuously cultivated in all businesses

  • Trust as a sports brand
  • Network related to sports
  • Development capabilities selected by top athletes
  • Human resources with a sports mindset
  • Technological capabilities to achieve high quality

Beyond: New strategic domains leveraging strengths and new strengths to be cultivated in the future

  • Lifestyles
  • Facility management services
  • Health
  • Business to Business
  • Work Business
  • Emergence of innovation (new R & D base)

Mizuno’s Business Field: Sports & Beyond

Expansion of business domains based on sports as the core base


  • For Sports Athletes Business targeting people who play sports
  • For Sports Community Business targeting people who support sports

Beyond Sports

  • Business that supports comfortable lifestyles
  • Business targeting the health of middle-aged and elderly people, the development of children, and support for people with disabilities
  • Business targeting work safety and efficiency
  • Business that contributes to the SDGs, making use of Mizuno’s technology and expertise